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Latest auto insurance review news – Auto Insurance Views » Blog Archive » 10 insurance policies that …

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Ok so you might find the next few links interesting. These are from around the web, just random snippets that I’ve picked up in my reading, but I found some very cool information in them. You might too. Here goes…

Auto Insurance Views » Blog Archive » 10 insurance policies that …

“People don't always review their insurance annually, which is the Read more…

YouTube – 2010 Mazda Miata MX 5 Auto Reviews with Mike West for …

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The Best Places To Compare And Check Prices Of Cars Online – free article courtesy of

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The Best Places To Compare And Check Prices Of Cars Online
 by: Gregory Ashton

Do you want to buy a car but don’t know how much you should spend or whether you should buy new or used vehicle? Do you know what kind of car you want but don’t know which cars meet your criteria? Do you have at least three or four cars in mind and would like to compare their specifications Read more…

Women’s Guide For Auto Insurance

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Women’s Guide For Auto Insurance

There are several aspects to consider whenever as a woman you set up your mind to buy your own car. And besides all these aspects regarding the car itself you have to take into account including the auto insurance you are about to conclude.

In this respect you need to be aware of the fact that the type of car you purchase has Read more…

YouTube – Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars iPhone App Review

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Review of an Auto Insurance Rate Or Quote

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Are you looking for more information about free auto insurance quotes on the internet? Or are you looking for more review about the company that is giving you the quote? Maybe you are speculating if you will be able to find out more about the company’s status that is providing a quote to you, most especially those that promises to do or pay what they declares.

You Read more…

The Secrets To Protecting Yourself After You Have A Car Accident by Gary E Rosenberg

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No one plans to have an accident. But, you can be prepared if one should happen.

1. Before you have an accident, keep an emergency kit in your glove compartment. Drivers should carry a cell phone,as well as a pen and paper for taking notes, a disposable camera to take photos of the vehicles at the scene, and a card with information about medical allergies or conditions Read more…

Auto Insurance – 5 Things To Avoid When Buying A New Auto Insurance Policy

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There’s always plenty of people telling you, offering advice, on what you should do. That’s important and also necessary, of course. Nonetheless, at times you’ll want to fully understand what you need to not do, what you should steer clear of.

This article can help you with tips on how to avoid buying expensive auto insurance policies.. It can help not by telling you do the following. It will help by teaching you five things you will need to avoid if you really want to avoid buying expensive auto insurance policies.

O.K. then, here are the 5 items you should avoid:

1. Avoid getting a quote from only one company. There are various reasons not to do this. The main one is you need to compare insurance companies quotes to see whether you are getting a good deal. As an alternative, it would be significantly better to get as many quotes as possible.

2. Avoid opting for a low insurance excess or deductible. The reason being you are unlikely to have an accident, the main reason for your insurance is to cover very high costs and legal requirements so it makes sense to reduce the cost by being prepared to pay towards the accident if it does happen. Alternatively, just opt for as high an excess or deductible that you can afford.

3. Avoid skimming the quotes without properly checking. It’s pretty obvious that this can be a mistake. What you should be doing instead is ensuring the quotes are based on the same information so the comparisons are valid and that you study them carefully before choosing.



4. Avoid having all your insurances with different companies. The reason is that often a company will give discounts if you have say your house and car insurance with them. Instead you should try to find companies that will offer discounts if you put all your policies with them.

5. Avoid taking a policy with a company without first checking their payment record. In the short-run this may be a temptation to do this but in the long-run it will be a mistake. Try to remember that If an accident happens and you do need to claim, the last thing you want is a company that is difficult about paying up.

Ensure you steer clear of these 5 mistakes and think about the alternatives mentioned if you like, but the most important thing is to avoid making the errors, and you should avoid ending up with expensive unsuitable auto insurance.

Classic Car Insurance plan by Martin Lee

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Owning a prized possession such as an antique car can be the pride of any automobile collector. However, owning an antique car comes with the responsibility to protect and preserve its value. Since the cost of replacing parts are sometimes prohibitive, an Antique car insurance policy is a necessary expense in case of an accident.

Any automobile aficionado who wishes Read more…

YouTube – 2010 Mazda Speed 3 Auto Reviews with Mike West for …

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