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The Reason Why Insuring Your Car Is A Wise And Prudent Decision

Author: Dew Colmervis  //  Category: Car Insurance

Next to your house, your car is probably one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make in your lifetime. Hence, it would make sense to protect such asset with adequate insurance. Getting insurance is also a requirement in majority if not all jurisdictions, and without it, you are typically not allowed to use your vehicle on major thoroughfares. In some areas, if you are unable to present proof of insurance in the event of a road mishap, you may face punitive fees or suspension of your driving license.

Auto insurance will give you financial protection from losses due to road mishaps, theft, and other incidents that cause damage to your vehicle. Some types of auto insurance will also pay for bodily injury, legal defense fees, and, in worst scenarios, for funeral expenses.

Insurance will constitute a considerable recurring expense for car owners. Keep in mind though that the company that offers the cheapest auto insurance quotes may not always be the best choice for you. Time and time again we hear reports of people who felt remorseful after choosing the vendor with the cheapest insurance quotes because they ended up with an insurer that does not live up to their promises. There are also car owners who were enticed with companies who offered very low annual rates, but were slammed with a high deductible when they got involved in an accident.

Hence, you should not only look at a vendor’s cheap insurance rates, but also ascertain if they are reputable and customer-centered. To find companies that offer cheap car insurance rates and dependable service, you need to obtain quotations from several vendors. The World Wide Web is a great tool to find car insurance quotes from various vendors and learn about the companies that offer them and how consumers perceive their services. Even though you can request for car insurance quotes from third-party websites, it is usually a wise choice to obtain it from the company itself or from their affiliates.

Apart from evaluating car insurance quotes and coverage particulars, you should also ascertain if the insurer has the necessary state and local licenses to operate and have guaranty fund coverage from your state so in the event it defaults, you will not be left with nothing. Your state insurance department website can provide you with this information. To check for any unresolved issues between clients and the insurer you are considering, the JD Power & Associates and BBB website can provide you with valuable consumer opinions and company information the insurer may not necessarily volunteer readily. To ascertain the financial stability and soundness of an insurance company, you may also check its ratings at Standard and Poor’s website.

Instead, you should go for a company that has cheap car insurance rates but also reliable and friendly service. If you need help in choosing from several cheapest auto insurance quotes, go here.

Important Steps You Have To Take Immediately After Taking Your New Car Home

Author: Dew Colmervis  //  Category: Car Insurance

Those who have purchased a car have several responsibilities they need to address almost immediately after taking their cars home. One of the first things you need to do after buying a car is to get insurance. An insurance policy will ensure that you will not be overwhelmed with out-of-the-pocket expenses in case you or someone else is injured, or if your car or someone else’s car is damaged due to an accident or collision. It is also a requirement in most states, and not having proof of your compliance to your state’s minimum insurance requirements when you’re involved in a road accident can mean suspension of your driving privileges.

Insurance is a major recurring expense for car owners. The good thing is that there are plenty of companies that provide cheap car insurance rates. This is not to say however that you go for the company with the cheapest auto insurance quotes right away. Stories of consumers who regret enrolling their cars to the company that had the cheapest insurance quotes because of refused claims is not at all uncommon. Instead of going for the least expensive offer, go for a company that offers cheap car insurance rates but is also known for being reputable.

To find the right kind of insurance for you, you have to look at your state’s requirements and your needs. In most states, you need to have at least liability coverage which pays for the damage you caused to another person’s car and for hospital bills in case anyone is injured. Just satisfying your state’s minimum requirement is not the best choice in most cases as these limits may not cover all the bills for hospital bills, repairs, and legal fees if any.

Collision insurance is an important option for those who have expensive cars since it provides coverage usually regardless of fault. Comprehensive coverage is also a worthwhile investment since it will cover for repairs and replacement should your car get damaged in a non-car related mishap.

It is highly recommended that you obtain car insurance quotes from 3 or more providers to get the best offer. The Internet is a great tool to get these car insurance quotes, and to know the insurance company better in terms of how quickly they respond to claims requests, and their financial stability and soundness.

Once you have insurance, the next step would be to register your car. Get in touch with your state’s DMV to check what you need to bring or how much you need to pay upon registration.

Lastly, read your car’s owner guide so you can learn more about your car, like how its particular maintenance requirements, and how to use or activate its convenient and safety features.

Nowadays, there are plenty of companies that can provide you with cheap car insurance rates. However, you should not immediately go for the company with the cheapest auto insurance quotes. Follow this link cheap car insurance rates to learn tips on evaluating car insurance quotes.

What Not to Say on Your Insurance Claim Form

Author: John Smith  //  Category: auto insurance tips

*What Not to Say on Your Insurance Claim Form…*

**Filling out an auto insurance claim form is usually an irritating,
complicated job, which involves relating details of a nasty incident you
fervently wish had never taken place. The fun factor is basically up there
with tasks like washing the dishes or choosing which  credit
to apply for.

However, in this mundane activity can creep certain element of humour when
you read some of the more bizarre claim reports that have been submitted. A
trawl of the internet has revealed some of the best excuses around for
claiming on the insurance.

We suggest that you don’t try these at home…

*Other people’s fault?*

All too often, the accident is not the claiming driver’s fault. Some people
out there should never have been allowed behind the wheel. Yet some reports
say just as much about the claimant as they do about the others involved in
the accident. One report argued that the bus they crashed into when backing
out of their driveway was in the wrong, as it had come along the road “five
minutes too early.” Another person ranted over the “invisible car” that
came out of nowhere, crashed into their vehicle, then magically
“disappeared again”. Spooky stuff…

Or how about the claimant who tried to argue that the collision was the
fault of the “stationary truck”? Nice try!

*Backseat claimers?*

Sometimes, the fault allegedly lies with the claimant’s passengers, other
‘presences’ inside the vehicle or even the vehicle itself. Passengers have
distracted, encumbered and endangered the driver, putting themselves into
jeopardy as they did so. That’s what the driver believes, in any case. One
claimant blamed his frisky girlfriend; another pointed the finger at a
nagging mother-in-law.

Another tale of woe centered on an annoying fly buzzing round the car, and
someone else suggested a much darker force was at work; in the guise of
Voodoo (yes, that was a genuine excuse). However, the one thing everyone
filling out the insurance forms is sure about is that the accident was most
definitely NOT their fault.

*Unidentified Colliding Objects?*

Vehicles travelling at speed don’t make great cushions – when they crash
into something, it will cause damage. Fact. There are an astonishing number
of ways that a vehicle can crash into something when out on the road.

Stories of hedges springing mysteriously up in the middle of the road, or
signposts materialising without warning have been put forward, as has the
assurance that the driver only crashed into a tree because he drove into
the wrong driveway. A rather worrying example complained of human beings
“obscuring” the lamppost that an insured vehicle crashed into…

*Pedestrian power?*

Automobile versus pedestrian… the result is a no-brainer. You’d have
thought. Yet while the vehicle will undoubtedly do more physical damage,
the pedestrian can unknowingly have the last laugh, thanks to claim reports
such as one that told of a ‘sad faced’ old man who bounced off the bonnet
of the car. Or the pedestrian who ran for safety so fast that the driver
“had to swerve several times before he got him.” Do they get extra points
for that one?

Then, there was the more sinister assertion that it must have all been the
pedestrian’s fault, as the driver recognised him as someone who “had been
hit several times before.” Unlucky? Less fortunate than the pedestrian who
inadvertently caused an accident in which he was not involved after a
driver claimed to have lost control of the car when he was “waving to the
man he hit last time.” Ouch.


Automobile accidents can be extremely nasty, bringing with them injuries,
from the superficial to the severe. Not a laughing matter. Until you read
claim excuses that can make you wince. One driver reported a nasty head
injury after putting his head through what he thought was an open window.
Another failed to report any injuries to the police at the scene of the
accident, but removed his hat a while later to discover “a fractured skull.”

Finally, unfortunate phrasing led one claim report to reveal that the
driver had fallen asleep at the wheel after apparently “driving for forty
years.” Wouldn’t like to see his fuel bill…

*One last question*

Many of these excuses have had a ring of truth to them, but seem too
strange to be taken seriously. Yet, we found one excuse that summed up the
reason behind probably most of the accidents happening on our roads. The
aggrieved claimant stated that the accident would never have happened…
“if the other driver had been paying attention.” How many of us would love
to have written that down, but were too much of a coward to do so!

Safe driving, everyone…

A Cursory Introduction To NYC Truck Accident

Author: Samuel Levy  //  Category: auto insurance tips

There are lots of numbers of events that may result in a trucking accident, if you know about them then its good for you but if you don’t know then you might need to know about them before time runs out. For instance, suppose you happened to be involved in a trucking accident and your lawyer happened to be with a little understanding of them then you will become defenseless.

Trucking accidents tend to be more common among starters who often meet accidents due to the following actions like careless driving, consumption of alcohol while driving, inadequate training, aggressive driving, burnt out lights or absent reflectors, because of extreme fatigue and improper lane changing.

Possibly someone with a little bit of common sense could name most of these items. Would they, however, know enough when looking at an accident scene or analyzing photos to even hazard a guess as to the accident’s cause? Would they know how crucial it is to arrive at the scene of an accident and collect evidence in a timely fashion? Truck accidents typically involve injuries that are more severe than a typical car crash. Investigating those injuries requires immediate action so as to secure evidence of liability

Lawyers who are not seasoned in these trucking accident cases should not be relied upon because they don’t know how to obtain information from a witness and also about the evidence that matters most in a trucking accident case. Opposition can win a verdict or reduce a settlement as a normal lawyer doesn’t know what type of trickery that the opposition might do. So taking these factors into account, only an experienced and a principled trucking accident lawyer can be relied upon.

Your truck accident attorney should offer a free case review. If they admit take your case, they need to require no up-front fee. Trucking accident claims need to be taken on a contingency basis. In simple terms your trucking accident is paid only if you receive compensation for your injuries.

You should expect to be able to stay in touch with your trucking accident attorney until a verdict is reached or a settlement is worked out. You should expect that your trucking accident lawyer’s phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Within reason your trucking accident attorney must answer queries or return phone calls within a day.

You must spend some time with the attorney who knows this case and to discuss about the strategies to get compensation. He also needs to be capable of offering you many verdicts or settlements to prove his potential .

The lawyer whom you choose to prefer for your trucking accident case should have a good working relationship with the medical professionals with whom you may treat your injuries. You can also try to get a professional who have contacts within the trucking industry.

If your accident took place in a specific area in New York City your attorney should be familiar with the highways and truck routes in that area and the bearing that the conditions on those roads may have on your case.

NY car accident lawyers can make the process of claiming compensation much easier on you and your family. Persons wanting to read further on the subject, please see our guide to NY trial attorneys.

Best Car Insurance: Some Interesting Facts

Author: Jack Tralston  //  Category: Auto Reviews

Because it is illegal to drive without car insurance, many of us want to find the best car insurance for ourselves. We can feel safer driving, because, in the case of an accident, we won’t be left stranded with a giant bill that we can’t handle. No one needs extra stress after something like that.

Many of us are tired of working with a low rate insurance company and are ready to find the best car insurance. In order to do this, we need to do a little researching. Check online for the best results, and most top companies are using this resource as a way to pass the savings on to you.

Sometimes, the first company you look at doesn’t give the best car insurance for you. A bad sign is when a company tries to charge you just to get more information, a quote, or something that other companies will often offer for free. Don’t be fooled by a fancy website. You don’t have to give them money for information.

Along with finding the best car insurance, you’ll probably want to find the best price. This can be achieved nowadays through a popular way of doing business, which is offering extra discounts for certain things. Depending on your age, driving history, and type of car, you could qualify for a lot of different kinds of discounts.

When looking for the best car insurance, try to find companies that offer something called insurance bundling. What it means is you will have to use that company for your house, life, and car insurance in one, but it often comes at a lesser price because they are all grouped together instead of individually between companies.

Sometimes there are hidden fees and rate changes within the contract of a company trying to sell the best car insurance. Read any fine print and ask important questions when applying for car insurance. No matter who you’re dealing with, they’re legally obligated to reveal any information regarding changes in their policy as things happen later.

When you’re ready to find out more about the best car insurance, you’ll have to do a little research on the companies that offer it. Search through websites of different companies, compare coverage and price, and call them up to make sure their customer service is helpful and friendly, as they will treat you this way all the time.

Every situation is different, so you’ll have to decide which is the best car insurance for you. Think about what you want out of it, get a price you’re willing to pay, and talk to other people who have used that insurance in the past. They’ll let you know what they liked and didn’t like about it.

I’m an expert in auto insurance. You may also be interested in reading my article on lowest car insurance rates.

Automobile Alarm Systems Can Potentially Put a Stop to Break Ins

Author: Andrew R. Ford  //  Category: Car Insurance

Unfortunately, we share our planet with lots of untrustworthy individuals. If it would be a predicament if your car was stolen, you need to get an alarm. You’ll notice a lot of dreadful things that happen to innocent people worldwide, and there are things that can be done to prevent crime. You definitely should do something to protect your vehicle from thieves if it’s not stored in a garage. Quite a few vehicles provide an alarm system, but many don’t.

Your car or truck is certainly valuable to you, and you should have the provisions to keep anyone from taking it. It is obvious that a car alarm is a great investment. The wonderful thing about it, is the fact that a thief has no idea that your car has an alarm, until it goes off. Additionally, if you leave behind anything of importance inside your car, it’s protected too. The noise can be so loud that most prospective thieves will run off immediately. Just think about all that noise going on outside your house. In spite of what time it is, there is going to be enough noise to make any crook think twice and take off running.

You need to determine if your car came with an alarm, and if it did, learn everything you can about it. Understand what sets it off, and how it is possible to turn it off. And make sure it’s working – it will do you very little good if it’s not. If your car lacks any alarm, buy one – they do their job really well. Don’t delay ’til your car is broken into to think about purchasing a car alarm – that’s too late. Act right now to prevent regretting not doing so later.

To figure out which car alarm system will be right for your car, talk to a local car dealer. The right alarm won’t cost too much but still provide the features you need. It’s one thing to have a garage to park your vehicle at night, but if not, and you have got to park outside, you need protection. Same thing, if you have to park some place throughout the day at work, or at other times.

Even when you don’t leave things in your car, they get broken into for stereo systems, radios, CDs, even gas. A car alarm system that produces a very loud noise will scare off most people who are breaking in, especially if they are only kids.

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Andrew R. Ford recommends that you visit for more information.

Keep Your Auto Insurance While Moving

Author: Gina Parks  //  Category: Car Insurance

Other people hate to move, while some loves it. Moving can also cost a lot of money. You are going to have to spend money whether you are moving in an area nearby or a far place. Getting a house, or paying for an apartment is not the end of your expenses. You will have to hire a company to help you transfer. You will have to get new documents that needs to be paid immediately. You will bring yourself a lot of payments even as you start to settle down.

Looking for ways on how to spend a little would be a reasonable decision. A major expense that will come your way when you transfer could be your insurance. You will have to get an insurance policy for your home. So, you will be hunting down for a plan that is very cost-effective. Looking for an auto insurance that is inexpensive would also be better.

You will have to update new information for your auto insurance plan at any rate. This is the time to look for an auto insurance policy that is inexpensive. If you’re moving to a smaller town, you may find affordable auto insurance rates. This is due to many issues involving car accidents and traffic in the big city. Lower premium rates are available for car insurers in a small town because there are minimum claims made. Furthermore, there is a possibility that your current insurance company does not have operation in the town you are transferring to. In this case, you will have to look for a new insurance company.

Many insurance companies have discounted packages for those who purchase more than one insurance policy. You must let your home insurance company know that you will need to see your auto insurance.

Multiple-policy insurance is a good way to conserve money as companies tend to make you buy more plans at a discounted price. Transferring as a whole, is costly. It is a necessity to save money in any way we can.

Contact a professional, reliable electrician that’s ready to help.

5 Quickest Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium

Author: Karen McFarland  //  Category: Car Insurance

Do your current financial goals include cutting down on your auto insurance premium? Auto insurance rates can spiral depending upon factors that include your age, past driving record, and other factors such as credit history. Still, the best way is to focus on lowering the annual premium. We have come up with five ways in which you can achieve this and lower your premiums.

Try Going For A Higher Deductible

Stop trying to get the ‘lowest deductible’, instead go in for a comfortably higher out of pocket payment plan. The amount that comes out of pocket before the insurance policy takes effect would be the “deductible” amount. Your periodic premium amount would then effectively go down. However, be warned that if something happens to your vehicle you need to shell out more to cover the initial expenses prior to going in for a claim.

Leave Your Car At The Garage

You can leave your vehicle parked at any garage located at shopping malls, or other commercial and personal establishments. This could help reduce close to 20% of the premium. By leaving your car or truck at a garage, it is considerably safer from the usual threats of damage. If you park your vehicle at a garage, you could see a possible difference between standard and preferred rates.

Shop around and bargain

Nothing beats the traditional ‘shop around to get a bargain’ approach. Research extensively and come up with at least three price quotes when looking for an insurance provider. Make sure as well that you are evaluating their whole deal and not just the price.

Enrolling In Defensive Driving Courses

In today’s environment, this may sound a bit strange. By enrolling in defensive driving courses approved by the state, you can reduce your premiums by some 10 percent. However, do cross check with your insurer first.

Getting Less Coverage

The last, and most simplistic tip is to downsize your auto insurance coverage. However, we suggest you to be careful and prudent while making this decision. Think of the possible loss in coverage that would go with the discounted premiums.

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Why Auto Insurance Quotes Are Raising In Price

Author: Nigel Vazquez  //  Category: Car Insurance

Back in the day when folks got around by horse, insurance coverage was the last thing anyone thought about. Of cause nowadays the ways from the old west are only remembered in books. Naturally nowadays insurance coverage and driving a automobile go hand in hand, and auto insurance continues to get a lot more expensive. And when you acquire a new automobile, your auto insurance plan will go up too.

Regardless of the situation that most people face, if it has to do with a vehicle, the insurance will rise. What is the reason for this and what’s the catalyst for rates which are constantly on the rise? The variables involved in the increased cost of insurance aren’t generally easy to explain, even though everyone has heard some excuses.

The price tag of automobiles continues to rise which is why insurance costs follow. The insurance was appropriate for a car that cost $10,000.

Now automobiles cost well over twenty thousand dollars and so the car insurance coverage costs go up. Rates would really lower if folks would drive less expensive automobiles. Also if people maintained excellent driving records, prices would be a lot more reasonable too. It’s vital that you always have a great driving record. If the drivers are married and are under twenty-five, the cost will probably be higher regardless of a good driving record.

Other factors auto insurance coverage rates climb

Something else to think about is the fact that you will find folks all around who seem to make a living filing accident claims. For people having a hard time making their auto insurance plan payments, these people have no sympathy.

When this type of crime’s happening everywhere in America, society have to pay out for it with the cost of higher automobile insurance plan costs. It costs money to send investigators who are suspecting fraud to check out each and every situation.

The cost of flight or driving expenses together with per diem and hotel stays all adds into insurance plan expenses. This has to be accomplished simply because if the insurance suppliers allowed this fraud to continue, the cost for safe responsible drivers would sky rocket.

One additional cause for car insurance plan rates to be so high is that the insurance firms generally also have other types of insurance like homeowners insurance. The insurance firms do need to profit after all. Just as other companies earn revenue, so do these firms. A huge amount of money has been paid out by insurance firms because of all the natural disasters over the last few years.

New insurance policies can not be taken on by companies unless they make profit. These 3 factors are what it amounts to at the end of the day. Vehicle insurance costs are going to keep rising. If you plan your time wisely and call around you will be able to save more money by exploring the best rates.

Low Cost Auto Insurance happens to be the particular emphasis upon our own webpage, for any excellent Safe Auto Insurance quote come visit us!

Four Eye-Opening Infographics About Car Insurance

Author: George Stanzan  //  Category: Car Insurance

Everyone who owns and operates a car in the United States is required to pay for at least a minimum amount of liability insurance on their vehicle. Despite this, astonishingly few individuals truly understand what it is they’re paying for. Whether knowing the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage or understanding why your rates cost what they do, most people have plenty to learn when it comes to car insurance. The more you understand about car insurance, the more easily you can make informed decisions that will affect your policy and help you to save money on car insurance.

While facts and figures might be confusing, images truly can speak louder than words. Here are four eye-opening infographics about car insurance:


While most people know that car insurance is a legal requirement, a each year people miss a valuable opportunity to save money on their taxes by claiming car insurance for business purposes. If you are able to claim gas as a business deduction on your tax return, you can absolutely claim a portion of your insurance costs as well. Also, when you purchase coverage for your homeowners, renters, or auto insurance policy, be sure to ask about coverage for your personal possessions; every company will handle this differently, and there may be several options available for any given policy.


Most people are shocked to discover just how many factors are involved in setting insurance rates. While some factors, like driving history, can be expected, you may not have realized just how much of your insurance is determined by factors outside of your control. Luckily, a good driving record will counteract your gender, age, or bad credit. If your insurance is still too high, you may be able to take advantage of discounts by bundling your home and car insurance through the same company, or enroll in a pay-as-you-go policy that bases its rates on your individual driving habits and daily mileage.


You might know that young drivers pay more in insurance premiums than experienced drivers, but do you know how much more? Here’s a detailed breakdown of how insurance rates differ among different age groups, along with the statistics behind the rates. Also, this graphic provides a quick over-view of what states provide the most and least expensive policies. As a rule, populous states will have higher rates than rural areas due to the claim volume: High populations mean more drivers to get into accidents, and a higher incidence of accidents on crowded city streets.


Ever wondered how the major insurance companies stack up? The company with the highest market share isn’t necessarily the one with the largest profit. When wondering why some car insurance companies can afford to offer lower rates, it’s important to remember that some companies have many more employees to pay than others. Insurance companies with fewer employees may be able to offer lower rates, but they may not provide the same quality of customer service.

Car insurance can be complicated to understand, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible mystery.

George Stanzan is an avid financial and insurance pioneer who writes articles for GIQ where the theme is to help users find better auto insurance rates