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A product defect on a car can lead to a ghastly accident

Author: Felisse Buckley  //  Category: Auto News

For a person to substantiate a defective automobile product a Los Angeles auto accident attorney and the team of product liability attorneys must prove the product is ‘unreasonably dangerous’. That's to say that the product when in use is inherently more dangerous than the user would want it to be. Also, they need to prove that the design issues contained in the product obviously stop the product from doing the job it is meant to do. Once this situation is determined, then there is a strong likelihood of becoming eligible for compensation for the wounds to a client.

A very good example was that of Grimshaw vs. Ford Motor Company: In 1972 the six month old Ford Pinto that Mrs Lilly Gray was driving suddenly stalled in the center lane of a California main road. As the car came to a halt, it was struck from behind by a Ford Universe travelling comparatively slowly (25-35 miles per hour). Upon impact the Pinto quickly burst into flames severely burning Mrs Gray and her 13 year old passenger Richard Grimshaw. Mrs Gray died of her monstrous burn wounds and Richard Grimshaw was left badly scarred.

An ensuing enquiry found that the fuel tanks in the Ford Pinto were inherently defective. First an inadequately designed fuel line caused the auto to stall suddenly. Secondly the investigation also discovered that the fuel tank was located behind the rear axle of the auto. This made it responsible to be ruptured by protruding auto parts from another auto in the event of a rear end smash. This eventually caused the tank to burst into flames.

The defects discussed made the auto ‘unreasonably dangerous ‘ as any driver would not expect a vehicle to stall and afterwards burst into flames from a low speed rear end shunt. What's doubtless most annoying is that Ford Motor Company had the choice of a proven safer designed fuel tank, which was already in employed in smaller Western european autos. They chose to blank this because of the cost consequences.

Automobile damaged products may continue to be an issue , but if you are a victim, you shouldn't have to suffer silently. Instead be assured that a very skilled team of Los Angeles auto accident attorneys will be there to fight your case.

According to an injury attorney defective auto may cause atrocious accident. Furthermore consulting to a bunch of auto accident attorneys near Los Angeles can help you find preventive measures to avoid accident and to know what to do during this circumstance. Read on the manuscript of Felisse Buckley to grasp how.

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