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Accidents Affecting Big Trucks

Author: Andrew R. Ford  //  Category: Car Insurance

In recent years, the volume of road accidents including heavy-duty trucks is significantly higher. These types of trucks aren’t your typical pickup trucks but those giant 18-wheelers carrying big loads. Though the reasons behind these accidents vary, the majority is the fault of the driver of these massive trucks. Even so, inspite of causing these accidents, the truck drivers almost never get hurt because of the tough construction of these 18-wheelers.

A severe accident of this kind might consist of several small cars, injuries, and even the death of some other drivers. If you don’t want to be caught in this type of predicament, you may need to go back to driving school. The unfortunate part is, in truck driving school, they are only trained how to drive fast, and completely pay no attention to the concept of safe driving. It is crucial that your instructor train you on everything and that you continue studying on your free time.

Lots of people assume that driving a commercial transport truck is as easy as driving a regular car. Though both a car and an 18-wheeler do the same things, they can operate very differently. A small truck involves less attention, the maneuverability is higher and even the collisions involving small cars are less dangerous. The difference is apparent when you try to picture parking your automobile and then visualize parking a big 18 wheeler.

A large number of accidents involving trucks are caused by tiredness. While transport companies are required to provide reasonable transport times, like three days for rides and distances up to 1500 kilometers, many drivers spend their time at home then try to do everything in one day. Attempting to drive for twenty four hours consecutive is very difficult, even with caffeine and other energizers in your body.

Some major transport companies have installed GPS in the trucks to avoid these serious accidents. By doing this, the driver is obligated to drive only for 8 hours, he can’t break the speed limit, and he will have to respect the rules of the road. While the original costs are significant, it will be worth it in the long term. First of all, just think about the costs if one of your trucks is involved in a massive accident. Second, your business partners and clients will gain confidence in your services, knowing that their goods are watched and followed every second. Insurance providers will certainly look at the company in a good light since GPS set up will insure a safer environment. Actually, the insurance company could give you a personalized package with advanced options for all your trucks.

There are some drivers who would rather receive the truck driver’s license rather than a regular car license. Even though this issue is uncommon, it happens. It’s a good idea that you go for a mainstream car license then work your way up to a big truck. In this way, you will probably accommodate yourself with the driving methods, you will gain some skills, and you will be more effective while driving a large truck later.

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