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American Motors AMC Its Origins In Studebaker , Packard & Pierce Arrow Automotive Products

Author: Norman W. Bubis  //  Category: Car Insurance

The history will never forget how Studebaker created their name in producing wagons in 1852. They started making electric automobile and gasoline-powered cars in 1902. Studebaker stood out in the market because of their quality and reliable cars that became famous in making new speed records. Though they experienced trouble after uniting with Piece-Arrow in 1933, they still able to survive through the released of the 1930s Depression.

Historically, Studebaker introduced its all-new Champion in 1939. It was leaner, lighter version of the full-sized car that established its fame and placed the company’s models in the succeeding years. During the Second World War, automobile manufacturers contributed to the war but they started producing civilian cars after-wards. They produced prewar models while developing their new postwar cars. Still the amphibious vehicle “The Weasel” not only lead the charge in many of the landings of US troops but also its advanced technologies and mechanical reliability led the way to many of the amphibious and “water cars” that we have designed and built today on the marketplace. In 1942, Studebaker began manufacturing their new design. Meanwhile, they did not incorporate the President and Commander models in 1946. They only manufactured the “Champion,” better known as “Skyway Champion.”

Industrial designer Raymond Loewy, known as the principal designer of the original Champion, joined Studebaker to design a new postwar car. He was assisted by Virgil Exner who was the styling head of Studebaker. The company launched its 1947 Loewy models after the war. The 1947 Loewy-Exner Studebaker design was remarkable for its flat flanks, covered body, incorporated fenders, and exceptional trunk outline joined to form “three-box design.” However, Starlight was a ground-breaking model. It has a rear window enclosed from door to door to establish its roof floating above it.

They produced new automobile designs with the same technology used on the prewar designs. They used an 80 horse-power six-cylinder engine for the 2.8 model which was the same engine on Champion model. In addition, the 3.7 Commander/Land Cruiser was released to the market in the early 1930s. The automobile designs of Studebaker had not changed until the release of “bullet nose” models in 1950. They produced the primary models like Hawk series and Avanti. But other automobile producers had overtaken the company’s unique design on the same year but the company was forced to leave the industry in 1966. Though they experienced hardship, Studebaker persistently produce automobile in their small plant at Hamilton, Ontario.

Studebaker will always remain in the history of automobiles. They proved their fame with the aid of their several designs in the past which was magnificent in quality and reliability.V:27

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