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An Investment in an Auto Club Membership is an Investment in Savings

Author: Keith Pollow  //  Category: Car Insurance

For people not aware of auto clubs and the services they provide, they have an inclination to believe that is just about having the ability to get an emergency towing service when the need arises. However, auto clubs have evolved to offer a wide range of services and products that will give drivers not only peace of mind when they are on the road but also an ideal way to save money a variety of services offered in an auto club membership package.

There auto club membership packages that offer discounts on travel products and services. One of the perks of being an auto club member is that you can benefit from such discounts as hotels, vacation packages that can include New York vacation packages, Las Vegas Vacation packages, etc, rental cars, campgrounds, restaurants, amusement parks and much more. A member can usually save 10 to 15% on various types of travel discounts. As well, many auto clubs usually offer travel accident reimbursement. This means a member will be reimbursed if they’re in an accident when on a trip. This could be such expenses as transportation home, meals, and lodging expenses. Auto clubs will also supply trip assistance similar to travel routing, street maps, travel guides, and a web-based map service.

There are many valuable services that can come with a membership in an auto club. They’ll assist a member with helpful recommendations on shopping for a new car. An auto club can also present members with help on finding a trustworthy auto mechanic shop. As well, auto clubs can often sell discounted auto insurance. They even supply special incentives similar to accident forgiveness for a member’s first at-fault accident that will not lead to increased insurance coverage premiums. They also believe in rewarding good drivers with good rates. Cost savings is another benefit of having an auto club membership. Depending on the auto membership you choose, a membership payment might be as little as eighty dollars, depending on the membership package you choose. Just using the emergency tow service can often make up the annual cost of the membership.

Today, the roadside assistance package offered by auto clubs is very comprehensive, providing more than just simply towing services. The services supplied can include: lifeless battery boost, changing a flat tire, replenishing such fluids as brake fluid, antifreeze, and motor oil, as well as enough gas to get to a gas station. They can even send someone out to replace lost or stolen keys and help a driver get into their car if they lock themselves out leaving the keys in the vehicle. Roadside help is offered every day of the year including holidays, 24/7. Members just call a toll free number included with their membership.

As you can see, investment in an auto club membership is an investment in savings. Purchasing a membership in an auto club will significantly reduce any worries when are on the road and you will save on many other products and services offered in the membership.

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