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Are SUVs actually more prone to rollovers compared to normal automobiles?

Author: Alecksha Horn  //  Category: Auto News

A professional Los Angeles vehicle accident attorney has to handle many vehicle accident claims during their careers, but none are far more devastating than when they have to pick up the result of a roll over incident.

A rollover accident accounts for one third of the full amount of vehicle accident fatalities on our nation's roads and one of the autos that are most subject to this is an SUV. Sports Utility Vehicles have by far the highest accident rate when it comes to roll over events. In reality so much so that latest figures show that 61% of all vehicle fatal injuries involving SUV’s occurred as a result of a vehicle roll over.

It goes without saying that SUV’s make up a large proportion of the auto fleet in the USA and the earlier designed models have a much higher inclination to roll over than later models. This really boils down to one thing and that is a narrow base and wheel track, and a high center of balance. The issue here is that although many SUV’s are promoted as ‘off road all terrain ‘ type cars, they do not have the security features necessary to significantly lower the risk of a vehicle roll over.

A Los Angeles car accident attorney explains that the NHTSA (Nationwide Road Traffic Safety Administration) have long since decreed that the simplest way to reduce vehicle roll over issues is to introduce models with wider wheel bases and lower centres of gravity. However vehicle manufacturers have during the past been unwilling to make these basic changes to their vehicle design due to the cost factor.

Having recounted this, it is true that the large ‘truck ‘ style SUV’s simply are not selling as well as they used to. Obviously this is compounded by surging fuel costs and high insurance. In most examples, due to their poor safety records, insurance firms ask high premiums and in a few cases carriers simply won't insure them. All the above has pushed a newer breed of ‘cross over ‘ type of vehicle to appear which are not only much more fuel business, but are also much safer. With their mix of SUV and vehicle features they are establishing very popular.

Are you driving SUV vehicles? It appears that there is a steady increase in number of car accident cases a car accident attorney Los Angeles handles. Read on the article of Alecksha Horn about roll over accident and truck accident attorney.

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