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Are SUV’s the only autos with roll over potential or are there others I should really know about?

Author: Gwenette Anstey  //  Category: Auto News

In the course of their careers an Orange County car accident attorney must cope with many claims for vehicle related accidents. A lot of them are easy disputed claims for minor fender benders, however on certain occasions they're going to have to cope with the aftermath of a vehicle roll over claim. When a vehicle rolls over it unavoidably ends in devastating circumstances regularly causing serious injuries or maybe death to one or more of the passengers involved, but why and how do they occur?

According to the Nation's Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the automobiles that are most susceptible to roll over incidents are 4x4s (SUV’s), particularly older models. The reason behind this is that they have a high center of gravity coupled with a narrow wheel track and base. Sadly SUV’s are normal in the US and make up a large percentage of the North American fleet. Latest stats have shown that 61% of all automobile related fatalities involving roll overs took place in an SUV.

There are many factors to take into consideration when a vehicle is getting ready to roll over and they're gravity, inertia and down force. A gang of San Bernardino car accident attorneys explain…..

If a vehicle approaches a bend in a road at inappropriate speed, down force takes over and attempts to push down on the auto to keep the wheels on the road. As the auto driver attempts to brake to avoid careering off the road, the auto is forced on to the outer side of the road, where inertial forces will have a catapulting effect on the top side of the auto. As this effect takes hold it forces the top of the automobile down towards the ground. Once the auto has hit the ground then gravity takes hold and forces the auto to roll over.

Another sort of roll over is named the ‘trip and fall ‘ or ‘stumble and fall’. This occurs when a vehicle is moving at speed and hits something similar to a kerb. Inertial forces then take over causing the car to assist a tripping effect. As the car trips, gravity again takes over and forces the vehicle to flip again and again.

Auto roll over is one of the causes of auto accidents and consulting the assistance of Los Angeles auto accident attorneys together with the Orange County auto accident attorney would be a big help. Read on the article of Gwenette Anstey for more information about this matter.

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