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Are you still entitled to compensation even if you weren’t wearing a helmet during a motorbike crash?

Author: Stracriella Weatherly  //  Category: Auto News

A Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer is undeniably not ‘anti ‘ bike. In reality a lot of them are avid motorcycle riders themselves. However it is with no question that riding a motorbike could be a dangerous activity. In reality according to the NHTSA motorcyclists are over 5 times likelier to be bound up in an accident than motorists.

Motorcycle deaths are on the rise as the most recent hike in gas costs is seeing more and more folks jumping from 4 wheels to two wheels. Figures show that between the years 2000-2007 deaths rose by 78% in America and in California alone in 2010 (the newest year for accident statistical data) there were over 450 riders killed on the state's roads. There were also over 22,000 reported motorcycle injuries last year starting from bruises and nicks to spinal injuries and brain damage. So bearing that in mind, here are the 5 commonest motorcycle accident wounds.

Road Rash

A Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney explains that though this sounds reasonably inoffensive it can be potentially damaging. When a motorbike rider is thrown from a bike any skin that touches the road is likely to be damaged. These are erosions caused to the outside layers of the skin, and in worse case eventualities these can go thru to the bone.

As a consequence the victim will need in depth skin grafting and might suffer permanent scar tissue. Plenty of the worst road rash incidents happen when the victim isn’t wearing the right or indeed, any protecting clothing.

Facial damage

Facial damage is a difficult issue to motorcyclists who have been concerned in a rather serious accident. Damage to teeth and facial scarring can happen in those who don’t wear protecting headgear. Although these varieties of accidents can still happen when motorcyclists are wearing the right safety helmet, statistical data by the NHTSA show that in the year 2007, motorcycle helmets saved the lives of 1784 folks who may instead have been rubbed out. Some damage to the face may result in surgery and again, permanent scar tissue.

What are the five most threatening motorcycle accident wounds you may encounter? Consult now your team of motorcycle accident lawyers Los Angeles to be informed. Always remember that a motorcycle accident attorney will help you the handiest way they can. To get more information read on the article of Stracriella Weatherly.

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