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Are you wanting to understand that most common reasons explaining why car accidents happen?

Author: Nammie Kilvington  //  Category: Auto News


Driving under the influence is a serious issue in the States. In fact if you take the state of California alone, in 2009 (the newest year of statistical data) out of the 3081 deadly accidents, 1118 of these were either alcohol or drug related, or indeed both. That is around 36%. Driving a vehicle while under the influence of drink or drugs has the facility to cause much slower reaction times in drivers as well as a reduced capability to correctly observe other road users as well as driving conditions.

Damaged or badly maintained clobber

Incredibly or not, the fifth largest cause of automobile accidents on California’s roads is due to badly maintained or damaged clobber. Worn tires are a particular worry and can lose traction on the road surface when the weather is a little wet or the road is greasy. Other issues include auto parts that are presumed damaged. These won't be down to bad auto upkeep but could be down to a manufacturing imperfection.

Cars with faulty brakes, steering systems, sticking accelerator pedals and shock absorbers have all been problematic for many major car makers. If you have been involved in a vehicle accident and you suspect the fault lies with a badly made car part, then it is important that you call on the services of a highly skilled Long Beach car accident lawyer.

The car accident lawyer Orange County will be well placed to carry out their own enquiry employing the services of diverse independent gurus including manufacturing defect professionals, expert mechanics and even forensic scientists who can all inspect the car wreckage so as to determine as to where the fault lies. From these results a talented lawyer can look to bring a suit against the car part manufacturer or or the car manufacturer themselves.

Though these are the main Problems for vehicle related accidents on California’s roads, in the key accidents spring from an end result of these five.

What are the standard reasons why accidents happen? Read on the work of Nammie Kilvington how the auto accident attorneys like the Long Beach auto accident attorneys explain this.

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