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Being hit by a drunken driver has a serious effect in your life

Author: Huedmark Smithers  //  Category: Auto News

One of the more complicated auto accident claims that a team of talented best auto accident attorneys Riverside will need to handle is that of Driving Under Impairment or DUI. When most individuals think about DUI, they instantly presume that this suggests driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Whilst this is correct in part, it can also mean driving with undue attention which can incorporate speaking on the telephone, texting, eating, (in the case of ladies) applying make-up while driving, being distracted by others in the auto and a whole host of other offenses that make up DUI.

Figures show that as many as 80% of all auto accidents are traced to driving while distracted so it's a extremely big problem, but so as to prove a DUI case the representing team of auto accident attorneys Riverside County will have to determine as to whether he driver was in fact either under the influence of alcohol or drugs or was distracted, and that they did in reality cause the accident in question.

If you are concerned in a car accident, what steps should you take?

If you're in the unfortunate position of being involved in an car accident then there are some critical steps you need to take. If you can follow these steps, then it will make it a lot simpler when it comes to the point where you want to call on the services of a lawyer. These are as follows:

– If not already done hence stop the auto when it is clear and safe to do so
– Be conscious of the laws of moving a crashed auto. In some states it isn't lawful to move any auto from the scene of a crash, unless it presents a genuine safety issue.
– Do a quick first aid check of all people concerned in the auto accident
– Call emergency medical services and the police
– Make the scene as safe as feasible till the police arrive by marking out the area with triangle alarm signals
– Try to get the names of folks involved and take down details of any witnesses
– Try to make some fast notes about the situation involving time and date of the auto accident, weather conditions and positions of cars
– Log the other person’s licence number
– Exchange insurance information nonetheless it is sensible ‘not ‘ to discuss fault with them. Actually do not make any statements about the accident, except to the police
– Obtain a copy of the police report
– Contact a seasoned team of Riverside auto accident attorneys

If you follow all of the above steps, then when you get to call a representing lawyer you ought to have all the information to hand that may make the case that much more simple to prove. Many of these cases are disputed, which means that no single individual will admit culpability. With the information that you have, it'll certainly move the whole process along that far faster.

Have you been involved into an accident with a drunk driver? If not consult to the best car accident attorneys Riverside when such incident happened. Read the article of Huedmark Smithers about the vehicle accidents due to drunk driver and how a gang of skilled best car accident lawyers Riverside can provide their help.

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