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Benefits of Framing With Metal Studs

Author: Matthiew Kurgen  //  Category: Auto Reviews

We’ve heard a number of stories through the years of the advantages in framing with steel as opposed to wood studs. Once I even heard you could build an entire house with the volume of reused metal from a large automobile like a Cadillac. I find this difficult to believe unless you happen to be constructing a very small home.

The best for framing with steel studs is they are extremely straight. I have constructed non bearing partition walls using 12 foot 3 1/2 in . wide metal studs and following the drywall you can lay an 8 foot level to check it for straightness in the walls with awesome outcomes.

If you are using 3 1/2 in . wide metal studs along with 5/8 inch drywall you’ll get an incredibly durable and sturdy wall. Framing with metal studs is typical in office renovations or remodeling. Most of the metal stud framing is performed through the drywall companies.

Metal studs and termites will not mix. You will never have to worry about these little buggers as well as other un-invited house pests damaging your walls.

Through the years I’ve heard stories that steel framed buildings are usually earthquake and fire proof. They could be more immune to fire than wood although remember when metal is hot enough it will bend and warp making it useless.

When I hear people speaking about a fire resistant building constructed with steel framing components my very first thought is all of the many other materials used in building the house that are not fire proof. Do not get a false illusion when purchasing a building framed with metal studs and think it is 100% fire resistant.

In terms of steel framed houses being earth-quake proof this is another story. I actually cannot comment too much about earthquake destruction of a steel building. The issue with earthquakes is that they seem to produce fires. So even if your building really does survive an earth quake it may get destroyed by a fire in the area.

I have framed far more wood homes than steel homes over the years and my steel stud construction is restricted to nonbearing partition walls typically located in office buildings. I enjoy framing with metal due to the light weight as well as ease of construction.

I still like framing with solid wood. There is something about what framing that i have always loved and continually will.

Matthiew Kurgen is a professional writer and an expert on metal studs and related topics.

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