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California highways are notorious for van versus. Auto accidents during rush hour and beyond

Author: Vrodie Barrenger  //  Category: Auto News

Unlike an automobile accident, when a wagon collides with another automobile the injured person is very likely to come from the vehicle the van has impacted with. As a result a bunch of experienced Riverside accident lawyers along with their San Bernardino accident attorney explain that one of the main factors behind van related accidents is to do with carelessness.

This is in fact a major issue in trucking accidents and according to the Fed Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) out of over 385,000 accidents that involved either tractor trailers, semi wagons and 18 wheelers over 220,000 were cited with laxity being a causing factor.


Falling dozing at the wheel is obviously awfully deadly and one that could result in devastating implications. Because of this the FMCSA requires transport companies to fully go along with the laws surrounding driving hours. The laws state that a driver must not…

– Drive for longer than11 hours with less than 10 sequential hours off duty
– Drive fourteen hours and above after ten consecutive off duty hours
– Drive for more time than 60 hours over a period of seven consecutive days or 70 hours over a period of eight uninterrupted days.
– Try to begin a seven or 8 day driving period without having been off for at least 34 sequential hours.

Other driver related laxity which will cause an accident can include…

– Assertive driving
– Speeding? Lack of experience
– Inattention (talking on cellphone, changing radio channel, texting etc)
– Badly stacked load, or badly overloaded load? Illness
– Lack of familiarity with the roads

Aside of carelessness on the part of the driver, carelessness can also be a problem for the auto itself. It does not need to be said that transport corporations need to keep their autos in top condition and that implies maintenance.

This will indeed be an expensive and well-timed business, but a mandatory one nevertheless. In some cases bosses may decide to cut corners and let lorries out onto the roads that may not be one hundred pc road worthy. If this is found to be the case, then the transport owner can be held responsible should an accident occur.

How one can forestall lorry accidents to occur? Talk with your accident attorney Riverside for legal advice about van accidents. For detailed info read the text of Vrodie Barrenger tackling the topic about Riverside accident attorney.

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