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Car Insurance In The Modern Age

Author: Jack Tralston  //  Category: Auto Reviews

When a driver is in need of a fresh car insurance plan, either because it is renewal time or he or she just wants to shop prices, the ability to go online and look up quotes from several major companies comes in real handy. This useful tool allows the potential customer to shop around for prices without the need to commit to any one plan, enabling them to make the decision when they are ready. It also ensures the continuation of competitive rates as companies fight each other for buyers.

Since the big car insurance companies today control the market in much the same way they have for decades, by being familiar brand names with big advertising campaigns, it is useful for the smaller companies to invent ways to pull the public?s attention to them by offering free quotes, or buying incentives or other promotional bonuses.

In the last 10 years the small insurance company Progressive has grown exponentially due almost singlehandedly to a tool they started offering on their website that gave their rates next to the rates of their top competitors. Even in cases where they were not the best deal, many people went with them out of sheer respect for their honesty.

Once the online car insurance quote was seen as a successful endeavor, every company started employing the method. Now every insurance vendor that has a website also has an online insurance quote tool, because if they didn?t no one would choose their business no matter how low their rates were.

As every car insurance company has definitely learned that customers are attracted to commodity. Once we have a taste of a new, sweeter flavor of ice cream, we never think of ice cream the same way again. We must always have that flavor available until another one comes out and grabs us.

This is mainly the reason our society is in constant flux. As we learn to see things in new and different ways, out entire outlook of the world changes right along with our perspective. We always seem to look forward without every looking back.

This outlook is definitely a positive one, for if we became convinced that we had no power to change our lives and our surroundings, change would most surely halt right in front of our eyes, and that would be a sad day. In fact, I believe that complete halt is either impossible or leagues away from our current state of affairs.

He has bought insurance (besides being required by a few human laws) to make sure that if he rams into someone and smashes up their newly painted 2,500-pound machine of destruction with his, he won’t have to feel bad for the other person because the insurance company will swoop down and fix everything good as new.

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