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Car Insurance Tips for After an Accident

Author: Adriana Noton  //  Category: Car Insurance

No one wants to think about the prospect of getting into a car accident, but for most it will happen at some point. Not all car accidents are serious, but they can all get your adrenaline pumping and rattle you emotionally. When you get into an auto collision, it’s important to follow some important tips to keep your car insurance company happy. Obviously, if you’re injured or the accident is more serious, the last thing on your mind will be car insurance. Call emergency personnel if anyone is injured. If it’s only minor it will be easier to have your car insurance claim processed if you follow the right steps.

It’s natural to feel like you want to leave all the evidence of the accident just as it is, but if possible it’s a good idea to move your car off to the side. If you leave it in the roadway, you run the risk of it getting hit again. You should also turn it off in case any combustible fluids are leaking. If you can put your hazard lights on, that will help, as will orange warning triangles or road flares, if you carry them with you. If the police haven’t been called, go ahead and call them if you’re able. Don’t use 911 unless there is an emergency situation as a result of the accident.

Collecting information is the next step you should take after ensuring you and everyone else is ok. Get the make, model and year of all the cars involved, then get the insurance information and contact information of the other drivers. This includes the driver’s license number, name, address, phone number and even email address. Also write down the street you’re on, closest intersections, the time of day and the road conditions. A police accident report will likely contain most of this information, but write it down anyway, if you’re able. If you have a camera in your cell phone, it’s also a good idea to take pictures of the scene for car insurance purposes. Your driving record can influence your future auto insurance quotes, so the more accurate you are, the better.

Once the scene has been processed by the police and any charges laid, you must call your car insurance company. Don’t wait until the next day if you can help it. You’ll give the most accurate details of the accident when it’s still relatively fresh in your mind. Give the car insurance agent all the information she asks for, then proceed to file a claim according to her instructions. The sooner you call the car insurance agent, the sooner the claim will be filled out and sent in.

One thing to remember after an accident is to never admit fault while you’re still at the scene. Let the investigators determine who was at fault. Always be honest to your car insurance company and the police, but don’t come right out and say it was your fault, even if you feel it was. The actual evidence at the scene of the accident may show that you weren’t at fault at all, but admitting that you were could affect your car insurance claim and future Ontario insurance quotes.

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