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Cars Busses And Trains And Their Uses

Author: Byron Jonas  //  Category: Auto Reviews

Cars busses and trains are various form of transport which are now used widely within the modern world. They exist in every country on the planet and in the last century or so have basically revolutionized the way people travel. The old methods of the past have become more or less obsolete, although in less developed worlds horse drawn carriages are still used.

The first car appeared at the turn of the century in the United States, produced by a man named Henry Ford. The Ford Model T was black in color and took off considerably. It soon become the number one thing to have and eventually the rise of the car began. Before this, however people were able to avail of railroad travel and this included the first railroads which were set up in Britain during the nineteenth century. These railroad were generally run with steam powered engines but electrification soon began after that.

Rail infrastructure differs in different parts of the world and is as extensive as the population generally needs it. Smaller countries such as Ireland do not have sch a large amount of railroads. In Germany, however, a country which needs to sustain such a big population has a rather impressive network.

In the 1960s railroads were torn up by the government because they believed that people wouldn’t use trains anymore as car transport was becoming the more preferred method. This was proved to be quite wrong indeed, as trains and buses still carry millions of passengers each year.

Trains themselves will run on a set course which can change at certain intervals along the track. The same can be said for smaller trams and underground railways. Buses, however, tend to be somewhat more flexible and are able to change their route at no great expense. An underground such as either the Tube in London, England, or the famous U-Bahn systems which run in Germany are efficient ways of city transport.

Since travel is done on a subterranean level, this leaves much more room on the top. The city centers of cities such as Essen, Germany, are completely bus and tram free, with buses only operating to the edges.

Underground stations still exist, dotted around the city center for quick and efficient transport back into the more suburban areas of the town. Further advantages of this kind of travel include the lack of congestion. Since trams can go underground, there is little waiting around in traffic and hence this is a much more efficient mode of transport.

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