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Discover here what concealed perils your folks camper may hold before starting the road trip

Author: Lannievhel Shoebridge  //  Category: Auto News

For plenty of us, Recreational Vehicles (RV’s) represent places of fun and are known as a home from home in which the entire family can go on vacation and take their own private ‘ ‘hotel ‘ with them. An experienced auto accident attorney, from another viewpoint, see them as an accident waiting to happen for one or two reasons.

Trailer sway

One of the toughest problems that RV’s face is trailer sway. This occurs when the RV is met by strong crosswinds when the auto is travelling along a road. Passing trucks can create large quantities of turbulence as well , which can also cause trailer sway, as can a uneven surface like a bad road. An amalgamation of a few or more of these contributors can have terrible consequences. Trailer sway can be tricky to bring under some variety of stableness and once it starts a rocking motion then momentum gathers and in worst-case scenarios automobiles can roll over.

Inexperienced drivers

Any car accident lawyer will make it plain that the biggest problem with RV’s is through unskilled drivers. RV’s can be pretty large, both in length and width and as a result can create lots of blind spots. It is very easy to drag out into another lane or make a left turn and not see another car. Especially if you're not used to the dimensions of the RV.


Many people forget that although it could be a home from home, it isn't built to take ‘everything ‘ that your place offers and as a result they can often be overloaded. An overloaded RV is inherently perilous and could cause tire blow outs when travelling at speed.

Auto roll overs

Car rollovers are a mixture of inertia, gravity, and down force and are cryptic to high-sided cars with a similarly high center of gravity. If a vehicle approaches a bend at speed, then down force makes an attempt to keep the car on the road whist gravity attempts to keep the car upright. As the car sways inertial forces take over and the RV will start to rock forward and backward. As the car struggles to keep upright, the high centre of balance means the automobile loses balance and then starts a forward rolling motion. This could in numerous cases cause fatal injuries.

Unbalanced loadMany folk don't think of the consequences of loading a vehicle incorrectly. An unbalanced or hazardous load will again cause the vehicle to lose stableness at speed.

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