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Disturbed car drivers are a major issue for everybody on the way

Author: Denizene Bartlett  //  Category: Auto News

An experienced automobile accident injury lawyer explains that there's a growing epidemic of road related casualties due to distracted driving. According to the Nation's Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) around eighty percent of all road traffic accidents in America are down to distracted driving. When you put that into perspective that's over six thousand folk snuffed out and 500k folk injured every year due to the problem.

Faced with this increasing problem various states have begun to ban some of the most cryptic of distracted behaviors, specifically use of a cellular phone and text messaging. The difficulty got bad enough that the Department of Transportation held a 2 day conference to chat about what they were going to do about the growing epidemic and this at last lead straight to varied states taking action.

Regularly when a distracted driver causes an accident, it can quite often be regarded as negligence and this means that an injured individual has entitlement to file a legal action. If you have been entangled in an accident with such a driver, then it's important that you contact a seasoned car accident lawyer who can explain your rights.

Common distractions for driving

For the majority of people the activity of driving a vehicle demands cognitive, audible and manual stimuli awareness, and the proven fact that we need to juggle all three, does need a fair bit of concentration. However anything that disparages the demands of the driver is considered deadly. Some of the commonest distractions are as follows:

– Radio Surfing (tuning from channel to channel)
– Gazing at objects that are outside the car such as perspectives, an engaging person, other accidents etc.
– Applying make up
– Use of the cellphone (including texting)
– Reading (following maps, for example.)
– Eating while driving
– Inclining to youngsters in the auto
– Watching TV (yes folks actually do this whilst driving)
– Pets in the vehicle

All these eventualities can be problematic, but by far the largest problem is the constantly expanding acclaim of mobiles. According to scientists, the brain has a really tough time when making an attempt to process 2 different streams of information and as a consequence it halves your concentration levels.

So how a dirver can get injured whilst driving? A bunch of California personal injury lawyers have member who is a well-skilled Los Angeles car accident lawyer who can help you about this matter. Read on the article of Denizene Bartlett for further information.

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