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Drivers Face Hefty Insurance Increase If Caught Speeding

Author: Lex Cornwall  //  Category: Car Insurance

A motoring expert is informing drivers that get convicted of speeding for the first time to expect an average increase in the price of car insurance of around 17 per-cent.

If found guilty of failing to stick to speed limits drivers face the prospect of being handed a 60 fine and have 3 points put on their license.

In some cases, though, motorists can avoid the fine and three-point penalty altogether by taking the National Speed Awareness course, which is an alternative to prosecution and is designed to re-iterate the perils of driving too fast.

Findings issued recently by <a href=”” target=”_blank”>moneysupermarket</a>, the leading price comparison website in the United Kingdom, learned that 72 per-cent of those asked would attend the educational programme if offered the choice, while 16 per-cent would prefer to accept the fine and points. 14 per-cent felt taking the course would help them to learn something from it and 53 per-cent would enrol to prevent their insurance premiums from increasing.

Peter Harrison is a car insurance specialist at and is urging motorists to drive responsibly or face the consequences.

Harrison is also keen to emphasise the importance of shopping around online for the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>cheapest car insurance for young drivers from MoneySupermarket</a> and for other age groups can work out hundreds of pounds cheaper.

He commented: “The National Speed Awareness Course was introduced to give motorists caught speeding the opportunity to re-educate themselves on the effects and dangers involved.

“By attending the course, motorists will avoid the three points on their license and the 60 fine providing it is either the first time they are caught, or that haven’t taken the course within the last three years.

“It’s no surprise the course option is proving to be the most popular with motorists. Insurers clearly take a dim view on policy holders who speed and this is reflected in higher car insurance premiums.

“Motorists can expect to see their premiums rise by around 17 per cent on average for the first offence, and this will continue to increase the more convictions you get. For repeat offenders, some insurers may even refuse to cover you.

“Not only are motorists who flout the law by speeding risking the lives of other road users and pedestrians as well as their own, they also run the risk of adding to the existing headache of sky high car insurance premiums.”

Harrison included: “My advice to motorists concerned by the cost of their car insurance is to always scour the market for the best deal for your circumstances.”

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