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FedEx delivery lorries are giant, and being a participant in an incident with one can be fatal

Author: Koddie Rounsevell  //  Category: Auto News

Delivery lorries like those of UPS or Fed Ex are a common site in the state of California, and sadly accidents involving this kind of delivery truck are workaday. Events involving motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicle drivers are all too frequent and spring from several reasons. If you have pointlessly suffered injury due to the fault of a delivery truck driver then you want to contact a professional Los Angeles truck accident attorney who can explain your rights.

So why do delivery truck accidents happen?

As firms like UPS (the largest parcel delivery service in the world) and Fed Ex are both trying to achieve perfection, their main aim is the fast delivery of parcels. As time delays can cost the firms millions of greenbacks each and every year, companies (particularly drivers) are under huge pressure to be on schedule. Efforts to achieve this can end up in neglectfulness on behalf of the driver. Some of the key driver faults are as follows:

Non-appliance of handbrakes

There have been 1 or 2 instances of a driver speeding to get out of their vehicle and omitting to apply the handbrake. The car in question has then rolled back and hit either approaching traffic or worse still, pedestrians.

Bad driving habits

In a few cases a delivery truck driver may have accidentally gone past a delivery address and rather than going round the block, has chosen to try to back up, inadvertently running into oncoming traffic. If you have been mixed up in an accident involving a delivery truck driver thru no fault of your own, then you must call upon the services of a professional Los Angeles accident lawyer who can help.

Attempting a left turn

It may be that a driver is actually up against the clock to supply on time and in this example comes to a decision to make an illegal left turn. Again another road user won't be expecting this and as a result collides with the truck. It is fair to say that when it comes to UPS especially, they make use of a computer software program that generates routes so as to avoid left turns.

Powerful and aggressive driving

A delivery driver may begin to take risks when short of time and facing lots of traffic. Manoeuvres such as changing lanes to make up time and failing to yield to advancing traffic whilst merging onto a busy freeway are normal.

How an accident attorney like the Los Angeles accident attorney can help delivery van employees in case of accident? Read on the article of Koddie Rounsevell to discover how.

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