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Filing a case for a truck incident isn't necessarily a straightforward matter

Author: Brodie Kellermann  //  Category: Auto News

Trucking is one of the most unsafe professions and when someone is in control of a van it may only take a split second of inattentiveness that might cause catastrophic consequences for the truck driver and other autos involved. A bunch of Los Angeles truck accident attorneys say that from their experience, around 90% of fatalities and serious injuries happen not to the truck driver but to other parties involved in the accident.

Driving hours

Unlike driving a smaller auto like a vehicle there are a number of rules above and beyond standard road safety which have to be stuck to by the driver and the trucking company. One of those involves driving hours. Under the ‘hours of service ‘ rules which are laid down by the Office of Transport, it decrees that any person driving a lorry of more than 10,000lbs in weight can only drive for a maximum of fourteen hours.

Inside these 14 hours there needs to be regular timed breaks. A 14 hour work period can only be allowed if the driver has had at least 10 hours off before hand. Drivers are answerable for making sure that their log books are current. If a trucker is said to have driven over and above their fourteen hour period and fatigue is said to have been the cause of an accident then they can be held accountable for the accident.

Other rules and rules

As well as driving hours, the trucking companies need to adhere to other rules such as regular automobile inspection checks, timely upkeep, truck loading and weight, dangerous materials transportation and route destinations. If in the event of an accident it was deemed that one or any of these laws were not followed then a firm of Los Angeles accident lawyers can hold the trucking company responsible, and as a consequence file a failure claim in the event of a manslaughter or injury.

Damaged car parts

Faulty automobile parts can and do play a role in truck related accidents and some of the main issues are:

Faulty or sticking brake units

Faulty back up alarm systems

Steering issues

Worn tires

Engine Problems.

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