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Find Out About Revealing Guide To Types Of Car Insurance In South Africa

Author: Darren Peavey  //  Category: Car Insurance

Using a vehicle in Africa or any part of the globe will require you to get car insurance. This will protect you from expenses incurred from theft and mishaps. In South Africa, there are 3 common types of automobile policies. There is the comprehensive plan, the 3rd party plus theft and fire, and the 3rd party only plan.

Comprehensive insurance policies offer coverage against damage from road accidents, theft, carjacking, and damage caused by hail or fire. Almost everything is covered in this policy except mechanical problems. Some policy holders of this kind of coverage can take advantage of additional benefits such as towing, medical services and roadside assistance.

The third party, fire and theft insurance package can cover you for stolen cars or carjacking. It also pays for fire damage and claims from third parties in case you get involved in an accident. This requires you to get a separate policy to cover damage to your own car during an accident since this only pays for other peoples car damage, not your own.

If you want the lowest type of coverage, you can get a third-party only plan. This will cover costs for third party vehicular damage. In case you crash into a vehicle, your policy will cover the other persons liabilities but will not pay for damages to your own automobile. If you want to have your own automobile covered too, you may need to pay extra or get a ride-on policy.

These are just the 3 main kinds of car policies. There are other kinds of insurance plans that you can add to your main coverage such as an emergency road-side policy. This is ideal for lady drivers who may need towing or flat tire changing. You can get this extra coverage as an add-on or if you buy it separately from your main car plan.

The Gap insurance plan is another helpful type of auto insurance plan. If your vehicle is stolen and then given up for lost, this plan covers the cost of the car plus the remaining balance on your car loan. This is useful if you have not finished paying off your auto loan and your car gets stolen.

Before purchasing your car insurance policy, make sure you read the fine print carefully. Insurance plans have certain exclusions when your vehicle is driven by someone else during an accident. Other exclusions may indicate none payment if the accident happens when you get in a crash while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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