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Find Out Guide About Types Of Car Insurance

Author: Clare Leith  //  Category: Car Insurance

You can be involved in an accident without any warning. Moreover, there exists the risk of your vehicle getting stolen or hijacked. Therefore, owners must cover the loss arising due to such circumstances through a car insurance policy, even if it is an expensive option.

You can avail three types of covers, such as the theft and fire, third party, and the comprehensive cover. In addition, you can choose extra features to provide additional coverage for you and your vehicle. The following paragraphs discuss the features of the various types of policies.

The comprehensive cover provides protection against any type of liabilities. These include accidental damage, third party claims, theft, hijacking, fire, and hailstorm damages. In addition, you can add medical cover, towing, and roadside assistance covers under this policy.

The third party, fire, and theft policy provides protection if your vehicle is damaged in a fire, is stolen, or involved in an accident. However, injury caused to the vehicle owner is excluded under this policy. The cover is beneficial for older vehicles because it is less expensive. However, you will need to pay the excess before availing the payout under the insurance.

The least expensive cover is the third party only cover, which is the minimum cover that is necessary for all vehicle owners. Experts recommend availing this cover to ensure protection to you in case of any liability. The road accident fund protects individuals who are not insured but do not reimburse the cost incurred to repair the damages caused to the vehicle. Therefore, it is advisable to avail this type of cover.

The emergency roadside cover is beneficial in reimbursing costs of towing your vehicle to the garage or flat tire charges. It is prudent for women drivers to avail this additional coverage. Some companies provide this along with the primary policy while others require adding it to the basic cover. Another beneficial cover is the gap cover, which is beneficial if you are driving an expensive car taken on loan. If your vehicle is stolen or damaged in an accident, this cover provides the gap between the insurance payout and the balance loan amount.

You may file a claim under your automobile cover and may be in for a surprise. Often the insurance companies void your claim if the situation for which the claim is filed is not as per the company’s rules and guidelines. Hence, while availing the car insurance, it is important that you understand the policy, its terms, inclusions, and exclusions.

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