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First Response to the New Mercedes A Class

Author: Aldous Ploddinger  //  Category: Auto Reviews

Geneva didn’t have that much in the way of surprises, but the new A class could be something to watch out for in the next few years. It’s set for release at the end of 2012, and that will make it one of the opening shots in the battle for this sector’s supremacy. Mercedes as a manufacturer are doing well, but in this instance they have some pretty stiff competition from Audi and BMW – not least from the Mini Cooper. The previous Mercedes A class hit sales around the two million mark, but that’s still way off BMWs baby, so they will need to really impress people to get ahead.

Mercedes own launch site for the car says a lot about the question marks surrounding it. Most pages are devoted to asking what your impressions of it are, which feels a bit like a teacher who doesn’t know their subject asking a student what they think the answer is. The options that come with this range will be the real decider in how successful it is, as will the price. Currently the options are unknown, and it’s been unveiled in typical AMG setup, so even the appearance might change come release. The price is rumoured to be 20,000, so that’s a pretty good start, putting it in a middle of its sector in terms of cost.

The inside of the car is surprisingly spacious considering the squashed-saloon appearance of the outside. The back seats are built to help accommodate alternative fuel features, which is something we’re probably going to see a lot of in this contest. A lot could change in motoring over the next ten years, and that means the design has to be ready for change. It’s also a lot more stable in appearance, which should help people forget about the moose test on the last model.

Mercedes are pushing their rear sensing radar to the fore, which is a neat if not entirely original idea, but the ‘Camtronic’ is a piece of kit that’s genuinely impressive and brand new. This is a complex mechanism designed to correct valve lift during intake in order to reduce energy loss in pumping. It translates to more potential power, less lag, and a more efficient drive.

There’s still a lot to be discovered about this new model, but so far it looks promising enough. We’ll really see how it’s looking after the release this year.

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