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Ford Launching New Plug and Play Technology

Author: Somer Stach  //  Category: Car Insurance

Every company is trying to find the next big advancement that changes the industry. In this day and age, consumers are trying to find more ways to stay connected. This can range from keeping in contact with loved ones anywhere or having the ability to listen their favorite station no matter where a person is located. Many people spend most of their day in a vehicle, so it is no surprise that Ford is looking for devices that will help you stay connected in the car.

The technology is currently known as Open XC, and it allows a Ford vehicle to become a plug-and-play module. Ford hopes that this technology will open a new door for drivers and give them a sense of freedom that is not offered today. By potentially changing the vehicle into a large docking station, Ford can give drivers a way of staying connected with the world while they drive. This means that not only will drivers have access to their favorite devices, but constant updates ensure that the newest technology will be used at all times.

Of course, Ford is looking at more then convenience when developing the technology. They are looking into the aspects that will keep drivers safe and allow them to drive without any distractions. Distracted driving is the biggest causes for auto accidents, so implementing technology that keeps the driver’s focus on the road and not on various knobs and buttons is a something that Ford is very dedicated to realizing. It is always important to drive safely and have car insurance whenever you are operating a vehicle. Getting the cheapest insurance quotes for your car is easy if you just go online to do a quotes comparison. If you visit vehicle and automobile insurance quotes for more information, you’ll be able to find the most effective ways to save on your insurance.

Taking a page from Apple’s playbook, Ford is allowing applications be developed for their device. This is a very promising opportunity for both consumers as well as developers because of the fact that custom applications can be created to fit an individual’s needs. Customers can find the perfect app that does exactly what they want while developers can make a substantial income by developing unique apps that are fun and functional.

In order to offer the best applications possible at launch, six universities have been given development kits for the Open XC. This gives some developers the time needed to understand the software and ultimately create something that is beneficial to both drivers as well as Ford. The fact that Ford is offering these kits shows that the application integration is not an afterthought and will be the driving force for the technology.

It should be noted that this does not mean every application will make its way into a Ford vehicle. Ford must approve the application and determine whether it can be used safely in the vehicle. If it is deemed too dangerous, there is the possibility that the app can be rejected. However, this falls in line with Ford’s determination to keep drivers safer with the applications that will be offered.

Even though there is a lot of technology implemented in the device, it does not necessarily mean that it will cost a fortune. Early reports suggest that the devices will cost around twenty or thirty dollars, making it the best deal for the price. This essentially means that most of the profits will likely be made through the apps that are sold through Ford.

Ford has made it clear that they want to remain ahead of the pack when it comes to fusing technology with driving. By taking pages from other successful companies and fusing them with their own goals and ideas, Ford hopes to create a truly creative and unique experience that only they can offer. While not all of the details have been ironed out yet, the device is scheduled to release later this year.

Ford has some exciting new technology coming in the near future for its consumers. If you are considering purchasing a Ford vehicle, you should consider doing a search for cheap insurance rates online at Kanetix Canada or other reputable comparison services on the web.

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