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How to Drive In Snowy Weather Conditions

Author: Shane McGrath  //  Category: Car Insurance

When the weather becomes bad and many of the roadways in Ireland have become significantly harmful because of the few inches of snowfall and hard ice, understanding that you have your car insurance broker behind you may maintain your mind at ease.

I’ve put together a couple of ideas to hopefully help you get around safely next winter. I might as well give you the best advice 1st and that’s to stay away from driving if and when at all feasible. Naturally this isn’t the most practical advice as it really is a time of year when men and women are on the road shopping and getting the very last few bits done and obviously visiting buddies and family members. So to proceed with tips to keep safe while driving this festive season:

Winterize your motor vehicle by examining tire pressure. Examine all belts as well as hoses and be sure the battery is totally charged. Lastly, examine the wipers and also wiper fluid to make sure much better visibility

Just before you set off, make sure to de-frost all of your windows, which includes side mirrors, so that your view is not restricted – make use of a scraper or de-icer instead of hot water since this can crack your windows. Make certain your mobile phone is fully charged. Make sure to take some warm clothing (hat, gloves, scarf) with you should your automobile break down. Always be ready, you should keep a high visibility jacket, a automobile jack, a shovel along with a spare wheel inside your boot.

Driving safely and securely on icy road calls for you to decrease your speed and leave your self plenty of space to stop. You must permit at least three times more space than normal in between you and also the auto in front of you. Brake lightly to avoid skidding. If your wheels start to lock up, ease off the foot brake. Turn on your lights to enhance your exposure to other car owners and keep your lights and windshield clean. Transfer to a lesser gear when heading downhill or going around bends

If you are going to driving a lot this winter then make sure you have the best motor insurance cover in Ireland. Contact for the best insurance company quote today.

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