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How to reduce the cost of your car insurance

Author: Desmond Lefevre  //  Category: Car Insurance

The price of car insurance has been on a constant rise recently like a number of other things. It isn’t just the cost of insurance which has gone up though either as tax and petrol are also on the increase. More and more people are having to stop using their cars and instead take the bus or a bike because quite simply they can’t afford to run the car anymore. There are certain ways to reduce the cost of running a car though and one of the best ways is to reduce the cost of insurance.

One thing which can increase the cost of car insurance by quite a large amount is when a car is kept on the road overnight. In this position a car is much more likely to be the victim of accidental damage or theft. If possible a car should be kept on a driveway or in a garage as this offers some protection and as the insurance company is likely to receive a claim they charge less for the cover.

The security measures which a vehicle has will also affect the insurance premium and obviously a highly rated alarm, immobiliser and possibly even a tracker will help to reduce the cost. Installing these will cost initially but it can lead to substantial savings each year that car insurance is bought for that car afterwards.

With the rising cost of petrol it might be worth considering a change of car. Lower capacity engine cars or diesel cars will usually cost much less to run because of lower fuel and insurance costs. This might seem extreme but the savings can be huge.

Obviously moving house purely to get a reduced price on car insurance is ridiculous but if you are already moving it is something to be considered. Find out the crime rating of houses from your insurer and make sure that a property will not increase your insurance premium.

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