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If you do not sustain the equipment in your car, it may fail when you want it utmost

Author: Zanelle Frederick  //  Category: Auto News

The state of California has some of the most choked up roads in the country with over 37 million road users and as a result automobile related accidents can and do occur. A car accident attorney San Bernardino explains that there are five main reasons as to the reasons why car accidents happen. So with this in mind let’s investigate…

Distracted driving

This is doubtlessly the biggest reason for driving related accidents. In fact according to the National Road Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) around eighty percent of all accidents happen due to distractions. One of the primary causes of distracted driving is cell phones. Texting while driving is such a unsafe past time that many states have moved to prohibit the use of cell-phones while driving.

Other top diversions include map reading, slapping on cosmetics, eating and drinking, tuning in the radio or changing a cd, checking on other auto occupants such as children or pets and even more disturbingly, watching Television. Studies have shown that all it needs is for a driver to be distracted for just five seconds. If you're a victim of an accident in which you think the driver to have been distracted then it is very important that you talk to a Long Beach car accident lawyer who can explain your rights.


We are all aware of the fact that driving with unwarranted speed is dangerous, but were you aware that driving just 5 MPH over the speed limit can slow your reaction times by up to a third? In addition to that, driving 35 MPH rather than thirty MILES PER HOUR might be the difference between a death and an injury. It is fair to suggest that most drivers are guilty of breaking the speed limit at some specific point during their driving lives, either because of impatience or being late for an appointment.

Driving recklessly

Reckless driving is the third largest cause of accidents in California. It is sometimes brought about by similar circumstances to speeding like an impatience to be somewhere half an hour back or simply being stuck behind a slow moving car.

When we are faced with these circumstances we take much more risks that we would normally. These include overtaking on bends, cutting up other vehicle drivers, tailgating other traffic, speeding and running thru traffic lights.

Why accidents occur? What are the frequent reasons for accidents like the car accidents? Read on the draft of Zanelle Frederick about the car accident attorney like the Long Beach car accident attorney standpoint about car accidents.

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