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Insurance For Commercial Vehicles: Why Bother?

Author: Jacob Thimmsull  //  Category: Car Insurance

The vehicles that transport your goods or clients from location to location play a vital role in your business’ progress. Hence, as much as personal car insurance is necessary, so is commercial vehicle insurance. Getting your business truck insurance may be something new for you. Commercial truck insurance quotes, or the types of commercial truck insurance may not at all ring a bell in your ears. To learn more about business-owned vehicle insurance, read further on.

One thing that you must not forget in getting a commercial vehicle insurance is to file one under the name of your business, and not the business owner’s name. Some business owners often make a mistake in making their names to be the principal insured in their commercial truck insurance. Making your truck insurance a separate account from your personal car insurance is a great way to be provided with just the right coverage for your business vehicles. Why? Because your business vehicles have different insurance needs from your personal cars. To cite an example, container vans that travel long distances everyday have to have a higher insurance coverage in contrast to a regular car that is merely used to drive from home to work and vice-versa.

You can get commercial truck insurance quotes depending on the driving record of your drivers. The cleaner the record is, the less costly the insurance gets. Clean records are those that barely have any road violations, and have almost zero history on car accidents. Hence, it is important for you to check on the driving history of your driving employees before hiring them.

There are different types of insurance that you can get your commercial vehicle if your business is based in the United States. Depending on your vehicle’s needs, you can have an owner operator insurance, a motor carrier insurance, or a private carrier insurance. Business vehicles of just about any type can avail of these aforementioned insurance policies. Your box truck, tractor, semi truck, or flatbed trailer can get good coverage if you are wise enough to choose the right insurance plan that’s suitable for your vehicle’s needs.

Some business owners may also be eager to get a discount on vehicle insurance costs. You can get an insurance discount by having Commercial Driver’s License, or by being a business owner for quite a long time, or by having a Business Owner’s policy with a separate insurance company. To get quotes on business car insurance fast, you can use the business car insurance calculators that are available online.

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