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Learn more of lemon bylaws and buying a brand new auto

Author: Dylan Baillieu  //  Category: Auto News

If you've been involved in an auto accident and you think it was because of a defective car or car parts then you need to contact a team of Long Beach injury attorney. Car accidents kill around forty thousand US voters every year and surprisingly a growing quantity of these accidents are due to faulty cars.

If you're in the fortunate position to be well placed to purchase or indeed lease a new car then it might be fair to suggest that the car that you purchase/lease should be totally functional and should need little time in the garage, aside from the mandatory gas refill.

However and rather alarmingly, there are a large number of new automobiles on the road that have defects. When you consider the fact that there are around fifteen thousand parts to the average auto, then human boo boo on a production line or a missed quality control check is going to happen. These vehicles that have factory faults are categorised as ‘lemon ‘ cars and due to the fact that quite a substantial number of ‘lemon ‘ autos were being manufactured the lemon laws were put in place to guard shopper rights.

How Can The Lemon Laws Help You?

Effectively it is a form of recourse that an individual person can take if a new auto fails to meet the manufacturer’s satisfactory standard after a reasonable number of garage repair attempts. If after this time the auto still isn’t correct, then as a purchaser you have the rights to either ask for your money back, or ask for a replacement auto.

If the maker fails to agree to either of these 2 principles then you, the client, have the legal right to file a civil action lawsuit. This is something that a firm of experienced Riverside injuries attorney can advise you on. If you are successful in the claim then a court of law can force the manufacturer to do the following things:

Either refund the discontented car owner in full or supply a replacement car

Pay the costs and costs of taking the case to court including all attorneys ‘ fees

Pay a civil penalty for anything up to 2 times the consumers damages costs

As you can see this could work out intensely high-priced for the auto manufacturer and as a result most manufacturers will either refund or replace the flawed auto.

What's lemon law and how an injuryAttorney Riverside like an Orange County accident attorney can help you? Read on the article of Dylan Baillieu about this matter.

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