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Making Sure The Car Of Your Dreams Gets Special Care With Classic Car Insurance

Author: Charlie Ricker  //  Category: Car Insurance

Buying a classic car is a decision that generally requires such an exorbitant amount of money, it’s one you and your other half will probably have to make together. Of course it would be possible (and perhaps more cost effective) to explore the vast array of price comparison websites but a classic car is an incredibly valuable and unique purchase that should have it’s own equally unique insurance. A classic car insurance firm will work specifically with classic cars and will be able to offer you the safest and most efficient insurance for your vehicle.

With a classic car insurance firm, the staff will care as much about your car as you do and conversations will have none of the ‘read from a script’ blandness of larger companies. Also as these will be smaller, independent companies there will be none of the notorious hidden fees and bolt-ons that you find are mandatory with larger insurance firms. This smaller more dedicated staff will talk to you like an individual and will know as much about your car as you do and they will know exactly what package is best suited for your car and your budget.

Most classic car insurance firms will also enjoy solid working relationships with a panel of underwriters who will be trained specifically in classic car insurance, as such the schemes they will have access to are those which would not be available at a standard insurance agency. One-to-one service is also guaranteed thanks to the firms being independently owned and there will also be discounts available to those clients who are members or a classic car club.

Other services offered by classic car insurance companies should include full 90 day UK and EU cover, extensive multi-car polices and the option for salvage in the event of a vehicular write-off. They will also offer services such as a thorough, monetary evaluation of your car or cars, unlimited cover on special ‘track days’ with some classic car clubs, special key care that protects your car against theft, damage and loss and call centers that are all based in the UK with genuine classic car enthusiasts who will share you passion.

Although you might end up paying a little more than you would with a conventional insurance firm, classic car insurance is (in our opinion) a necessity when it comes to insuring rare vintage motors. If you’re interested in a classic car insurance quote or are looking to renew your current package then if you look online you should be able to get online for a no obligation quote.

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