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Modern Child Car Seats – New Innovations

Author: John Smith  //  Category: Auto News

Modern Child Car Seats – New Innovations
Modern child car seats have drastically changed in the last 5 to 10 years. Each year new designs are released and seats are more comfortable, more convenient and safer. Children’s safety and comfort is carefully considered by major manufacturers. Parents and grandparents have a wide variety of options to choose from, but should base purchasing decisions on safety first.
Infant car seats
Infant car seats designers currently have two basic designs, the seat/carrier combination and convertible car seats. The carrier seats are designed for infants through 22 pounds, and should be placed in a rear facing position. They moved easily in and out of car. Most have a base that remains attached within the vehicle’s seat, while other carriers buckle in and out. Carriers are changing each year and have new adaptions for safety and convenience. All are softly padded, some have crooked handles and some brands even have stroller bases to choose from. Seats should be compared for safety first, and then additional features can be selected. Careful attention should be given to weight limits. The infant’s entire head should rest below the top of the seat. If the infant is sneaking up past the top, it is time to move the infant into a rear facing convertible seat.
Concern should be taken before turning an infant based on weight alone. If the baby weighs 20 pounds, but is still unable to securely hold his head up, then he should remain in the rear position car seat. During the first year, baby’s neck muscles are not strong enough to support their head in a moving vehicle.
Children’s Car Seats
Convertible car seats are adaptable to each growing child. They can be used from infancy through 80 pounds. Individual weight and weight requirements will be listed in the owner’s manual. A contoured bench styled seat with a firm comfortable cushion is recommended for the highest safety standards. Two-point belts and three point lap and shoulder belts are required by standard rules. Properly using car seats is extremely important, and it decreases the risk of death by 54% for toddlers. Proper installation should be considered at all times. Booster seats are available for school aged children.
Car Seat Laws
US state governments have legalized car seat regulations and laws; these laws do change from time to time. For more information on specific regulations in your state, contact your local officials or ask your pediatrician. Laws have gotten stricter all across the US. These laws are designed to prevent accidental injury or death of children in the US. The car seat laws offer minimum restrictions only, and parents and grandparents should determine safety not only based each state’s law, but one each unique case. For example, many states have increased their child safety laws to require children to stay in restraints up to eight years of age and 80 pounds. If your state requirements are not this stringent, you should consider your child’s safety first and foremost above the legal minimum safety requirements.
Safety First
Parents and grandparents should consider using car seats for all traveling purposes, including train, bus and air. Reading and following the manufacturer’s instructions on each car seat is crucial for providing maximum safety and to hindering potential harm. Proper installation and use of the car seat will be explained in the manual. Some seats are trickier to secure, and the instructions simplify the process. While traveling, remember to follow the car seat laws of the state in which you are licensed. Parenting experts recommend taking the advice of the most stringent state regulations.
Many changes have taken place in a car seat design and safety features. Car seats are needed for the first car ride home from the hospital and for every ride after. A car seat displaying visible stress on the plastic, internal structures or bars should be quickly disposed of and replaced.
When shopping for car seats, don’t forget to compare cars for the inherent safety features. Some come with the “latch” system, side reinforced impact bars and other safety features that help to keep the kids safe, while some do not. For maximum child safety, a safe car seat should be surrounded by a safe car.

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