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Roll overs are one of the most common reasons for incidents and injuries in motorcycle riding

Author: Asther McEachern  //  Category: Auto News

A seasoned Los Angeles accident lawyer who is used to coping with ATV related issues has irrefutably represented countless victims. This is generally on the grounds of either the failure of others, bad automobile design or faulty auto parts. These are the three main trouble spots for all ATV owners and need to be addressed differently. However no matter what the reason, when an accident does happen, it usually ends in grave injury or even fatality.

Since the arrival of the first ATV (the 3 wheeled ATC90 by Honda) in 1969, they are now used throughout the country extensively for play and work. However even though they are considered a ‘plaything ‘ by some, it is easy to forget that a number of these are extremely powerful machines and the sports versions are engineered to be highly fast and have the facility to do 0-60 in no more than 5 seconds and can travel well higher than 75 mph.

In the past five years it has been surmised that significant accidents involving All Terrain Autos have continuously risen by about five thousand a year to around about 172,000 wounds and sadly , one 3rd of all ATV related deaths happen to be kids below the age of sixteen. About 600 deaths occur each year because of ATV?s.

So why do they occur ?

Vehicle roll over

A Los Angeles accident attorney who makes a speciality of ATV related accidents states that one of the main causes of fatality is a vehicle roll over. Although the autos are engineered to be more safe on 4 wheels, the uneven terrain the ATV’s have a tendency to travel on makes them prone to roll overs. Although some are fitted with roll bars, crush injuries remain common.

Age/absence of experience

California has some of the strictest ATV laws in the country and you do have to be eighteen and over to operate an ATV on public land. Or or youngsters below the age of fourteen have to be supervised at all times and one or both parties must be in possession of an ATV safety certificate. However that doesn't cover driving on personal land and as a consequence some kids as young as nine and ten have been killed from driving these cars. Obviously at that age they lack the experience necessary to drive a forceful car. Even a tiny 50cc ATV is strong enough to go at speed and therefore to cause damage.

What are common reasons why roll over accidents occur? How a Los Angeles auto accident attorney will help you. Is he the best accident attorney for you? Read on the article of Asther McEachern about this subject.

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