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Saving Money On Car Insurance

Author: Christy Hoyle  //  Category: Car Insurance

Tip #1. You have to supply the car insurance company with all the details that they need. Details regarding your annual mileage, your car’s safety features and installed equipment, zip code, marital status and your driving record would be needed to ascertain all the discounts you may qualify for. Having these information will help the company give you the best quote possible. You should know that the company will quote you the highest price if they don’t have these details. This is just to cover themselves, so you can’t wave it in their face later, if it turns out you’re not an optimum risk.

Tip Two. Quotes for car insurance may reach 300%, and you should be aware that it’s the same car, same coverage, but a different price. Just by comparing quotes from various companies, you could end up saving hundreds of bucks annually. Even your old car insurance company may be offering lower rates to new customers. You can negotiate the same deal for yourself.

Third Tip. You should reduce your annual mileage when possible. You should know that many companies give discounts for cars that do less than 40 miles daily on an average. You can do this by taking the train or flying for vacations. This will enable you to save a lot.

Tip Four. Try switching drivers. The insurance quote of a female that drives a truck or a male that drives a minivan will also be lower. Teenage drivers need to be insured on a family car or a sedan instead of a sports car. Ultimately the insurance company looks at the risk of covering your car. If the risk is lower, then so will the insurance quote be.

Tip Five. Bump up your ‘excess’. You are at liberty to increase the amount you’ll pay in the event of a claim, before the insurance company stumps up. If the minimum they ask for is $100, but you volunteer $500, your premiums can be lower.

Tip #6. Get ‘third party fire and theft’ on older cars. Old Bessy might not be worth getting fully comp on. Three years of fully comprehensive may be worth more than the car itself!

Tip #7. Opt for an average car. A smart car can easily attract thieves. Drivers are likely to drive more recklessly in a sports car. The repair of certain cars can cost a lot. These are factors that can increase your premium.

You have to research before you purchase. Check the insurance costs, whether you buy a new or a used car. Premiums would be based partly on the car’s price, the costs of repair, the overall safety record, and the likelihood of theft.

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