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Making Sure The Car Of Your Dreams Gets Special Care With Classic Car Insurance

Author: Charlie Ricker  //  Category: Car Insurance

Buying a classic car is a decision that generally requires such an exorbitant amount of money, it’s one you and your other half will probably have to make together. Of course it would be possible (and perhaps more cost effective) to explore the vast array of price comparison websites but a classic car is an incredibly valuable and unique purchase that should have it’s own equally unique insurance. A classic car insurance firm will work specifically with classic cars and will be able to offer you the safest and most efficient insurance for your vehicle.

With a classic car insurance firm, the staff will care as much about your car as you do and conversations will have none of the ‘read from a script’ blandness of larger companies. Also as these will be smaller, independent companies there will be none of the notorious hidden fees and bolt-ons that you find are mandatory with larger insurance firms. This smaller more dedicated staff will talk to you like an individual and will know as much about your car as you do and they will know exactly what package is best suited for your car and your budget.

Most classic car insurance firms will also enjoy solid working relationships with a panel of underwriters who will be trained specifically in classic car insurance, as such the schemes they will have access to are those which would not be available at a standard insurance agency. One-to-one service is also guaranteed thanks to the firms being independently owned and there will also be discounts available to those clients who are members or a classic car club.

Other services offered by classic car insurance companies should include full 90 day UK and EU cover, extensive multi-car polices and the option for salvage in the event of a vehicular write-off. They will also offer services such as a thorough, monetary evaluation of your car or cars, unlimited cover on special ‘track days’ with some classic car clubs, special key care that protects your car against theft, damage and loss and call centers that are all based in the UK with genuine classic car enthusiasts who will share you passion.

Although you might end up paying a little more than you would with a conventional insurance firm, classic car insurance is (in our opinion) a necessity when it comes to insuring rare vintage motors. If you’re interested in a classic car insurance quote or are looking to renew your current package then if you look online you should be able to get online for a no obligation quote.

If you want to learn more about classic car insurance be sure to visit Lamb Law specialist insurers.

Dedicated Classic Car Insurance – The Benefits Outweigh the Costs

Author: John Allen  //  Category: Car Insurance

If you have just spent an exorbitant amount of money on a classic car then you’re going to want to use an insurance company that understands the specific quirks, benefits and pitfalls that come with owning such a unique machine. Although it’s not unheard of for classic car owners to use conventional insurance companies, there are obvious benefits to using a specialized Classic Car Insurance firm, benefits which are outlined in detail below.

If you decide to insure your vintage motor with a specialized Classic Car Insurance company you will have direct access to a staff of car enthusiasts who probably know more about your car than you do. The extra service you will be offered is immediately palpable, with none of the automated phone systems or hidden charges and compulsory add-ons that typify bog-standard insurance firms. They will also offer discounts for members of classic car clubs and will offer discounts for cars with a limited mileage, because lets be honest, these are very much ‘weekend cars’ we’re talking about here, not everyday workhorses.

Most Classic Car Insurance companies will also enjoy a close relationship to a panel of underwriters who will be able to secure insurance schemes and plans available only to dedicated insurance firms. Most Classic Car Insurance companies are also independently owned which means they provide an intensely personal service that you just won’t get with more established firms.

As surmised above, if you insure your car with a Classic Car Insurance firm you will be privy to a multitude of unique benefits, of which the following are but a brief selection: –

Specialist key care schemes which will protect against damage, theft and loss. Full EU breakdown/recovery is also available, as well as a salvage option in the event of a write-off. The customers also enjoy a choice of repair worker should there be an accident. On specified ‘track days’, certain car clubs will enjoy unlimited cover, which is useful if you’re thinking about putting your foot down! In the event of an accident, call centres based in the UK will offer support, with real car enthusiasts on the other end. Limited mileage discounts are also available, with schemes that are only available to specialized companies.

It’s not hard to see why more and more vintage motor enthusiasts are looking to specialist Classic Car Insurance  agencies to insure their precious engines. By narrowing their expertise into one, exceptionally specific field, these firms have been able to sacrifice mass-market appeal for the kind of personal, specialist service that such beautiful machines truly deserve.


Finding junk yards with cheap car parts in Alabama

Author: Earnest Younge  //  Category: Car Insurance

The junk parts business is different today. The place most people referred to as places to dump whatever they did not want; today salvage yards are very well organize and have become professional businesses that serve their communities of mechanics, repair specialists, salvage auctioneers, industries and the average car owner with quality used auto parts.

There are many salvage yards throughout the good state of Alabama. Some are referred to as junk yards , wrecker services, scrapyards, or recycling services, but there seem to be a business for all their services – from recycling scrap metal to selling used car parts online and on site.

From Montgomery to mobile, from Birmingham to Huntsville salvage yards are on the rise, in part because of the credit crises many people can not afford to take new loans for cars in Alabama , and in part, because of the environmental movement that seem to be sweeping across the nation.

How to Get Quality Salvage Parts in Alabama

No longer are people using the yellow pages to locate salvage yards and then calling the owner or visiting the site to locate a part. Traditionally you will visit the salvage yard and the owner will direct you to the pile of cars so that you could locate the used part you needed. Now, an increasing number of used car part sales are being conducted online.

On the internet you can visit an Alabama salvage yard sites and and make advance search or query for salvage yards, the make and model and quality of parts they may have in inventory, the zip code, state, city, county and other options.

There are several ways to conduct a search. You can log on into a salvage yard database or you can used a used auto parts request form such as what is using.

The used auto parts request forms allow the customer to submit request for used auto parts via a parts locator network which sends out the request to hundreds of salvage yards, junk yards, wrecker services, recyclers and used parts specialist.

If one of these in the network has a part fitting the customer’s request, the customer is contacted and given directions as to how to make the purchase.

Parts are sometimes shipped via UPS or the post office directly to the customer’s doorstep. Some databases have over 100,000 components and customer’s are very likely to find the part they are searching for; from transmissions to brake pads to components of the body of vehicles, even special bolts, screws and clamps for classic and foreign automobiles

Do you live in the great state of Alabama. You can find reliable Alabama salvage yards with good quality used car parts to quickly repair your vehicle