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Taking A Look At Electric Cars And A Number Of Their Benefits

Author: Dustin Haeussler  //  Category: Auto News

I am sure you have seen the commercials on television for the new all electric cars. We are not speaking about the hybrids which seem to be flooding the market by storm, but we are talking about vehicles that run entirely on electricity. About 20 years ago this had been a thing that was a science fiction fantasy, these days this is something that is true reality. While there are not plenty of auto manufacturers creating these vehicles yet, there are organizations that are manufacturing them. Here we hope to explain to you a number of the advantages and disadvantages of having an electric car.

With regards to one of the benefits of this kind of vehicle you must understand that the major benefit isn’t needing to invest in fuel for this car ever again. And because of the cost of gas nowadays getting up to $4.00 per gallon this can also mean some enormous savings for you. Nearly all folks in the United States spend more than $60.00 every week on gas, and when you fall into this category you are going to realize that you can wind up saving $3000 each year by not needing to purchase gas. This is obviously not a small amount of cash, and also a savings which could definitely improve your lifestyle.

You will also end up decreasing the pollution developed every day to the planet by not burning standard fuels in your vehicle. What this means is that not only will you not be reducing pollution on account of the exhaust of your vehicle, but you are going to also not be contributing to the big oil organizations. The pollution of our world is something that is incredibly serious and anything you can do to help reduce this will be useful.

As with anything that’s new, you’re going to find down sides and to be honest there is a downside of owning an electric car. The only disadvantage I can think of would be that these electric vehicles have a limited driving distance of about 100 miles. For many individuals this won’t be a problem as this is much greater than their daily travel time back and forth to work. On the flip side there are men and women who take long drives every week, over 100 miles, so this vehicle would not be the best choice if it’s your only vehicle. This is certainly not the sort of vehicle that you would want to take on a cross country trip.

Getting an electric car may be one of the best options you have in relation to reducing pollution, saving cash on gas and helping our world. Huge money can be saved with this vehicle but you are going to find it costs considerably more than a standard vehicle would. Of course the $3000 savings every year would wind up meaning that you’re saving $30,000 every 10 years. In short, the advantages of owning an electric automobile are much greater than any of the disadvantages you may find which comes with them.

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