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Technology and Taxis

Author: Charanjit Singh  //  Category: Auto News

When using taxi drivers or private hire taxis within the U.K you’re eligible for certain rights as a disabled passenger that you may not necessarily be familiar with, the following will certainly give inside knowledge about the trade and what degree of service you can expect and how companies are utilizing technology to increase their service for the disabled community.

Here is a list of essentials a Walsall based taxi company makes it drivers have (cab be found on their disability awareness programme) when completing any assisted jobs (i.e passengers with disabilities):

A-Z -road maps, these are important when picking up passengers who might be hard of hearing, deafened or have got speech problems. As this allows passengers to show to the driver where they are going.

Pens and a notepad, this is essential when picking up passengers who might be deaf, deafened or have speech impairment. This simple piece of technology allows all the necessary transfer of information between you and the passenger.

Briteboard – this is a wipe-clean, acrylic screen, a little bigger than an A4 piece of paper, it’s hand-held with a neon marker pen. The pencil may be used to write the identify of the business, the client identify and desired destination i.e. Yellow Cars, Paul doe, Lichfield. This kind of equipment is crucial when picking up passengers who could be partially sighted, deaf, deafened or have speech impairment. This kind of technology ought to be used whenever possible when conducting assisted jobs. The taxi cab driver projects an image of professionalism and attention to fine detail that will help to engender confidence inside the visiting public.

Smart Cards are (hand held cards with pre written text) are essential when picking up passengers who might be deaf, deafened or have speech impairments. This allows easier communication between the taxi driver and the passenger. The pre made smart cards will include. 1. Hi, how are you? 2. Hope your having a good day 3. We are taking a slightly different route as there is a problem ahead. 4. Are you okay? 5. Do you need any assistance? 6. The fair for your journey is

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