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The 60’s Ford Mustang Little More Than The Economy Falcon Auto

Author: Laura G. Kelowna  //  Category: Car Insurance

Released at the New York World’s Fair in April 17, 1964, the Ford Mustang was produced by Ford Motor Company in which it became phenomenal due to its stylish design and looks. Ford Mustang was made with resemblance of Thunderbird and Ford Falcon. This was no accident. Ford Motor Company had been revitalized by Ford president Robert McNamara. Mr. McNamara. Robert Strange McNamara later went on to became the infamous Secretary of Defense blamed for managing “body counts ” and stats as Secretary of Defense , under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson . There is little doubt about the fact that McNamara was a pioneering “stats guy”, as opposed to running a business (or war), by the seats of your pants. Robert instituted statistical management during Word War 2, and created the whole “whiz” kid group that revolutionized US business after the war. Indeed the very name badge derived from “Mustang” admiration of the US World War II P-51 Mustang Fighter Plane. However to drive home the point, this label was not blindly applied by “yes men management”, like you might find at other auto industry market leaders in the US at the time., Robert J. Eggert was in-charge of the company’s new model names. He only included “Mustang” on his research and proceeded only to adopt it after extensive testing and evaluation by special focus groups and testing with potential consumers.

Ford Mustangs were overall remarkable for its pony style car models but to Mustang car enthusiasts and “Mustang Guys”, it seems that no matter what every year new models got heavier and larger. The Ford Motor Company designers assigned to revive the Ford Mustangs listened. They went “back to basics” and essentially were forced to bring back to the original 1964 model after receiving several suggestions or what might be considered angry mail from Mustang enthusiasts and Mustang Sport Car Clubs members.

Mustang’s new design was made possible through General Motor Engineers and Larry Shinoda. They were hired by Henry Ford to enhance and conceptualize new car models. Sports Roof Mustang was one of their models that had three-element tail-lamps. This new feature helped drivers to have better vision of passing vehicle through rear mirrors. Mustangs produced in 1970’s were heavier and bigger compared from its first release. Knudsen designed the new Mustang using Torino / Fairline sheet metal. It didn’t succeed because car buyers preferred to have fuel economy and safety cars. Ford Company produced great car models like Boss 351, 429 Cobra Jet and 351 Cleveland. But the Mustang 351 C became the most famous among these models. Mustang 351 C have unique features such as wraparound instrumentation, hidden wind shield wipers, bolt-on facade, modular bolt-in dash board, and monster engine.

Mustang II was the smaller model of the 1965 Mustang. It has been released in 1974 with enhance features like embedded bolt-on outlook with sub-frame to isolate engine harmonics. The power of Mustang II was lessen to save more fuel. It has been released at time when oil supply was unavailable. King Cobra did not live long, though it was designed as an evolution of Mustang II. Thus it gave way to the 1979 Mustang which was based on larger Fox platform with enhanced interior suitable for four persons at the back seat. The trunk, as well as the engine was enlarge to have easy engine maintenance. It has high-end suspension with turbo-charging capability. On the other hand, ’79 Mustang was used in the Indianapolis 500 Pace Car. In effect, Form Company produced 10,000 replicas to meet the demand.

Ford Company released Mustang II in 1974 which was the smaller version of the 1965 Mustang, This car has redefined characteristic such as embedded bolt-on outlook and sub-frame to isolate engine harmonics. It was modified to be smaller to accommodate its fuel efficiency features. Though its power was reduced, Mustang II hit the auto-industry at the exact time when least oil was supplied. King Cobra was the next model to Mustang II but it didn’t stayed longer because Ford was ready to introduce their 1979 Mustang models. It has larger Fox platform and better interior to accommodate four people at the rear sit. The trunk and the engine got bigger so drivers can easily fix engine at times of trouble. In addition, the ’79 Mustang was use in the Indianapolis 500 Pace Car that resulted Ford to reproduce to meet the demand. In the 1990’s, Ford released enhanced Fox-4 models which heavier with less power. Ford also released more enhanced engines like 4.6L SOHC and DOHC V-8s which was used in the GT and SVT Cobra. No one knows what will be the next 2010 Mustang model. It can be an enhanced 2005 SN197, which is said to be by more than one Ford Mustang aficionado perhaps the safest mode ever of the rat pack.

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