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The Extra Benefits that are Included with an Auto Club Membership

Author: Keith Pollow  //  Category: Car Insurance

For many individuals, a membership in an auto club is essential before getting in the vehicle and hitting the roads and highways. For those not acquainted with auto club memberships, they have a tendency to assume that it is all about accessing emergency towing services. Nonetheless, auto clubs have been developed to offer a variety of services that will give drivers peace of mind when traveling, whether it’s short distances or long distances.

Enhanced emergency roadside help is an extra benefit included with an auto club membership. Auto clubs supply more that just towing companies with their roadside assistance packages. The services offered can include: vehicle towing, dead battery boost, changing a flat tire, and replenishing such fluids as antifreeze, gasoline, motor oil, and brake fluid. As well, a technician can even send someone out to replace lost or stolen keys as well as help a driver get into their car in the event that they lock themselves out with the keys still in the vehicle. An auto club member just has to call the toll free number included with their membership. Drivers can rest easy knowing that help is a cell phone call away.

Auto club membership fees are very affordable. Depending on the auto membership package that you choose, a membership price could be as little as $80.00 annually, depending on the package deal you select. The price can be considered an investment as a result of simply utilizing the emergency tow service as it makes up for the cost of the membership.

There are lots of different reductions that come with the memberships such as reductions on travel. One of the many perks of being an auto club member is that each member has access to discounts for such places as rental vehicles, lodging, campgrounds, eating places, and points of interest equivalent to amusement parks. A member can typically save 10 to 15% on travel discounts. There are travel vacation packages you can get a discount on Disney packages, New York City vacation packages, Las Vegas vacations packages, and more.

Many automobile clubs typically offer travel accident reimbursement. This implies a member will likely be reimbursed if they’re in an accident while on a trip. This may include such expenses as transportation and food and lodging expenses. Auto clubs can even provide travel assistance by way of routing, highway maps, journey guides, and an online map service. There are a lot of companies that include a membership in an auto club. An auto membership may provide members with assistance on locating a superb and trustworthy auto repair shop. They’ll recommend retailers which are prescreened by consumer and government agencies. There are even auto clubs that provide high quality and fairly priced auto insurance coverage plans. They may even supply special incentives such as accident forgiveness where a member’s first at-fault accident won’t lead to higher insurance premiums.

Buying a membership from an auto club is a great investment due to the extra services offered in the packages and the roadside assistance service gives drivers peace of mind when their traveling short distances or long distances.

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