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The Ford Escape: The Earliest American Manufactured Crossbreed

Author: Janet Mason  //  Category: Auto News

The Ford Escape had the classification for being the original American-made hybrid car. It was supposed to have its introduction in 2003 however it didn’t officially debut until 2004. It was then, and is even now, a fully hybrid electric vehicle, and it can run using an electric motor, or with gasoline, or with both. It was intended to have a stableness between strong car performance and excellent gas mileage. While automobiles typically produce 67 pounds of pollutants for every 15,000 miles and trucks average 105 pounds, the Escape produces less than one pound of pollutants for every 15,000 miles.

Ford was intelligent enough to create the first hybrid an SUV given that it was the most popular vehicle type at the time. This Ford hybrid was basically made to look like every other SUV so it doesn’t really stand out. It was lacking the image-problem that Honda previously had with their earliest hybrid. The fuel economy and performance of the Ford Escape turned out to be excellent in the eyes of American consumers. It is scored 34/31 mpg by the EPA, which is more efficient than its gas-only counterparts by 30%. If you need something that will not hurt the environment much but want a roomy vehicle, then the Ford Escape should be a good choice. The benefits when it comes to gas-mileage are produced with a four-cylinder engine with the help of 153 horsepower and gas-powered, that is combined with batteries and motors.

The motors and generators provide continuous adjustable transmission. For this reason, the Escape Hybrid will be able to travel for 40 miles at 25 mph on absolute battery power. Ford additionally engineered the optional all-wheel drive to use mechanical differential to split power between the wheels, which is quite unusual. The majority of hybrids do the same, but operate the electric motors. Because of the unique design, the Escape does better off-road driving than similar hybrid SUV’s. With the 8.5 inches of ground space, it is also great in any type of weather. The only problem is the Escape Hybrid structure is based on the 2001 gas version because it lacks the softer ride of the newer models.

The Escape incorporates a lot of glass which results in minimal blind spots plus it has exceptional head room but the back-seat leg room is a little tight. Rather than resembling a car or crossover, the interior of the Ford Escape is similar to the Ford Explorer truck. Around 2010, the entertainment package was updated to offer SYNC voice control. Sirius Travel Link works extremely well to obtain lots of information over satellite-radio, and a HD Radio is available.

For anyone who is interested in an American hybrid that’s a SUV then the Ford Escape is one place to start. Though it may not have the best fuel consumption compared to other hybrids, it has a lot more room.

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