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The Secret Of Successful Auto Wholesalers Is To Study The Words

Author: Walter V. Morden  //  Category: Car Insurance

One of the things that make car business unique today is their own language. Car salesmen of today have their own words to refer to certain things that have to do with selling cars. Oftentimes, salesmen use these words when they are talking with each other. However, it is inevitable that they blurt these words while discussing with their clients. Hence, if you wish to speak like a salesman or simply understand what they are saying then this article can help you out. In the next paragraphs, you will find some lingo commonly used by salespeople in car lots.

One of the terms often used my salesmen to refer to some process of negotiation in the car lot is Bumping. This means the process where in the salesmen tries to raise the customer’s offer for the vehicle. Another term often used by salespeople is Packing Payments. This simply means adding extra profit to the cost of the vehicle. Pounder is another word common to salespeople. This means a deal on a car with a profit of $1,000. In some cases, you might also hear a salesman use the term Home Run in the dealership area. However, this might not mean the act done during a baseball game. For in car lots, home run usually refers to a situation where in the salesman takes advantage over all the aspects of the deal (i.e. sale price, financing and trade in cost). Winnipeg Manitoba Ford Mustang Focus Price Quotes Online

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There are also words that are used to refer to specific people, place or office within the car lot. One example of this is the Desk. If you hear salespeople speak of the desk, they are not referring to a type of furniture but to the sales manager. Moreover, car salespersons call the office where the sales manager works as the Tower. F&I means Finance and Insurance Office and this is the place where documents are signed. Oftentimes, the salesmen from F&I are the ones who will convince customers to avail extended warranties buy auto anti-theft alarms and fabric protection.

These are essentially the basic variations of the standard words and phrase that you will experience in your interactions involving car salespeople and form the basis of the words and phrases – the slang and pidgin English that they often use and employ. Hopefully, this article is able to provide you with enough information for you to be able to understand what most car salespeople talk about. Have fun on your car buying adventure. V:18

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