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Things You Need To Know About Your Car Insurance

Author: Kay Dalton  //  Category: Car Insurance

For almost all Americans, automobile insurance is an increasing expense. Even though we can’t afford to have it, we also can’t afford not to have it. Follow these easy guidelines when you research for car insurance companies and compare policies in order to get the most coverage for your insurance dollars. From as many carriers as you can, try to get discount car insurance quotes. Depending on the model of your car and the type of coverage you need, automobile insurance rates may drastically vary.

Consider as high a deductible as you can reasonably afford, since higher deductibles translate into lower insurance premiums. To be certain you’re only paying for the coverage you really need, it’s a good idea to review quotes and policies carefully.

If you have homeowner insurance and want to avoid being charged again for your auto policy, ask your agent if you’re already covered for certain items. After you have gotten quotes from different car insurance carriers, it is usually a good idea to create a spreadsheet to help you avoid comparing apples to oranges. Set up a scenario with car repairs and medical expense to best compare the coverage differences under real-life situations. Once you have chosen the two least expensive automobile insurance policies for the coverage you need, contact a reputable body shop in your area for a referral.

Automobile shops deal with insurance companies and if you want to make an insurance claim, make sure the company you send your premiums each month will respond. The body shop probably has a good insider opinion on how the insurance company operates, how long it takes to get an adjuster to view the damaged vehicle, how long it takes to get paid on a claim, how fair the estimate was, were used parts requested versus brand new parts and so on. In fact, talking to a reputable body shop manager for a good 10 minutes will give you an idea of how insurance companies handle their claims.

If you get coverage from a company that handles their claims properly, you’ll be saved from a lot of hassle in case you were in an automobile accident.

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