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Tips for Picking the Best Auto Insurance Provider

Author: John Smith  //  Category: auto insurance tips

Tips for Picking the Best Auto Insurance Provider

Everyone needs car insurance. Glamorized television commercials and ads make insurance companies seem like your friend, which they areĀ  up until the point you file a claim. Then, your once helpful friend attempts to complicate finishing your claim anyway they can. Students pursuing degrees as insurance providers will learn the business for helping clients but also lowering the bottom line of the company.

Client need to determine the attributes of a good insurance company. As a customer buying insurance requires research, going through the right set of channels to ensure you get an honest and fair provider. Don’t buy into the commercials or celebrity spokespersons ‘get the facts before you commit to an insurance provider.

Get Several Different Quotes

Before you decide to commit to one provider, it helps to get a quote and the type of coverage you need, such as minimum liability coverage, comprehensive or collision insurance. The way to find the best provider is to ask around and get quotes from each company to see who has the lowest price. Now, just because the price is low does not mean you’ll get the best insurance for the money. The price just shows a starting point for what you can expect.

Make some calls to insurance companies in your area. Call big companies and local insurance agents to get an idea what you will need to pay to get the protection you want. The best course of action is to get quotes from between five and 10 different providers. Also, when on the phone with a customer care representative, ask which body shops the insurance company recommends. You’ll need this bit of information later on.

Visit Your State Department’s Insurance Website

State departments of insurance keep track of all the complaint ratios of providers that sell insurance within the state. These records let you know which company has the best ratios around and which ones have the worst. Now with your quotes in-hand, visit each company’s website to find lowest complaint ratio. These companies tend to offer the best services when dealing with a claim. If you need help learning how to find the insurance complaint ratios or using the companies websites, there are classes that can help.

Get Information from Body Shop Owners

Each insurance company tends to recommend different auto body shops. The owners of these shops have insight as to how the insurances actually go about filing a claim. Some providers tend to have smooth transitions. Others want to save as much money as possible by refusing original equipment manufacturer parts for a car or making a customer jump through more hoops.

You know that the company that manages to lower its bottom line can save a ton of money. Insurance companies always try to lower their bottom line, whether it means not helping you file a claim or making it more difficult to complete one. Body shop owners will give you the best insight as to which providers make it harder to file and which have smooth transitions.

With quotes, complaint ratios and calls from the dealers, the facts will determine which company is best to pick up the phone and call for insurance. Others will try to nickel-and-dime you for everything, while some may be genuinely honest and helpful.


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