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Tips for sticking to a budget

Author: John Smith  //  Category: Car Insurance

Tips for sticking to a budget

Sticking to a budget is difficult, especially when birthdays, social events and unexpected payments pop up and ruin your money-saving plan without warning. To keep you on track with your savings mission, here a few tips to help keep you motivated and organised.

Be positive

You shouldn’t think of budgeting as a restricting activity, but see it as a freeing and stress-free way of living. Instead of worrying about those little extra bits you needed to purchase, you’ll know that there was money set aside for any unexpected buys. If you’re saving for something, staying positive shouldn’t be too difficult – especially if it’s a family holiday you have to look forward to.


The majority of budgets that fail usually do so due to unrealistic expectations. If you enjoy eating out at weekends, but know you have your car insurance renewal due next month, invite your friends over for dinner a few times rather than going out – after all, a bottle of wine and a homemade curry always goes down well amongst friends.

Work together

Make sure you spend time with your partner talking about spending habits and savings goals – it’s common within relationships that one person is a saver and the other spends like there’s no tomorrow. If one of you wants to put £500 a month into a savings account but the other likes to buy shoes or go to the football every weekend, try to find some sort of compromise.

Stick to cash

After all bills are paid each month, separate the rest of your money into envelopes for every category of spending. You’ll soon find that when you see a pile of money going down you’ll be less inclined to spend it. If you have some left over at the end of the month, add this money to your savings or roll it over to next month’s spends.

Cut the credit

Credit cards are a great way to live beyond our means, and usually end up in us paying a lot more for something than it is originally worth after interest rates. Don’t be tempted just to freeze your account though, as ice melts and so does willpower – to curb the ‘need’ to spend, pay off any outstanding bills and cancel the card.

Make a list

When you head to the supermarket, make sure you go armed with a list and full stomach, this way you won’t be seduced into buying those fresh doughnuts you can smell as soon as you walk in the store. This goes for clothes shopping too – go with the intention of only buying what you need, not what looks pretty.

Be flexible

Make sure you assess and change your budget if and when you need to. Circumstances can rapidly change, especially as children get older.


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