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Tips To Take Care Of Your Furniture

Author: Fiona Mieler  //  Category: Auto Reviews

Most folks purchase furniture without the least understanding about what they have just bought. For your info, home furniture wear and tear as the years go by, and unless you have an idea on basic furniture repair, your investment will only come to nothing.

Nevertheless, once you learn how to repair even the simplest of damage, you’ll have the ability to extend the life of the furniture.

When buying wooden furniture, be careful of stuff that are made of solid wood. Wooden furniture made from this type of material is harder to repair. Aside from that, solid wood is also really heavy making it not worth purchasing at all. Seek for ones that are produced from oak or cherry wood instead. Oakwood for one is extremely reliable, possessing a property that helps it resist insect or fungal attack.

When applying any type of finish on your furniture, take the humidity into account. If humidity levels are overly high, it will take time for the finish to dry thus the furniture will most likely have an ugly finish. It is also advisable that you allow the finish to settle and dry completely prior to utilizing the furniture. Two to three days possibly would be enough.

Steer clear of putting accessories over your furniture to prevent damages and scratches. As much as possible, protect the surface with a mat just before putting the object.

Squeaks you hear from wooden or metal bed frames indicate that the furniture needs some minor fixing. For metal beds, you may require to apply oil to rivets to cease the squeaking sound. Wooden beds that make noises however indicate that some components have become loose and requires some re-gluing. Meanwhile, wooden drawers will need to be lubricated specially when it is beginning to get stuck when being opened.

It’s also ideal to use glass tops on wooden table since they really protect the furniture from scratches. Ensure that you do not allow moisture to get trapped in between when you put the glass over the wood.

To eliminate moisture, raise the glass a bit with the help of rubber bumpers. Furthermore, keep in mind to oil wooden screws prior to using them to minimize friction.

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