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Understanding the No Win No Fee Accident Claims

Author: Raazi Hassan  //  Category: Car Insurance

Just like the 775,000 people, you are also wondering about the no win no fee accident claim. You are just part of the number of the people are who are likely to meet accident each year.

No win no fee accident claim, what is it all about? What kind of help can you receive if you make this accident claims. No win no fee claim is the common term for Conditional Fee Agreement, or CFA. The claim says that when you hire a solicitor that will represent you while you’re injured, the claim will cover the solicitor’s fee.

Before, Legal Aids are the go-to of the people who can’t afford the services of the solicitors. But with the cost that keeps on increasing, the government introduced another scheme wherein the solicitors can be paid by their clients they are representing.

How can the no win no fee accident claim be used? Everybody can make this claim, as it is available for them. You don’t have to worry about not affording the services of the solicitors, as you can make this claim. The solicitors will be paid if the claim is successful, which is what the claim is all about. The other party will have to pay for the legal fees if you are successful of your claim. Upon entering in this claim, you don’t have to worry about paying the legal costs.

You may be thinking about what will happen if you lose the claim. In the usual situation, the loser has to pay the legal fees that both parties have. It means that when you lose, you have to pay you legal fee and the other party’s. But in no win no fee accident claim, you worry no more. However, this is for you and your solicitor only. The solicitor of the other party must be paid because they re not involved in the agreement. Thus, you have to hire a solicitor that is competent so that you will get the compensation that you needed.

Once you have successfully gotten the claim, the other party will pay your premium. However, if you lose, you won’t pay the premium of the other party because they will pay it themselves. The insurance coverage will always have its exception. In time that you become uncooperative, you won’t be successful of your claim. If you’re still uncooperative, your claim will be fraudulent.

What benefit can you get from the claim? Well, the main thing is that you don’t have to pay for the services of the solicitor. If your claim becomes successful, no payment will be done and the 100% of the compensation will be given to you.

This is the best option that you have if you are unsure of the compensation that you will get and you can’t afford a solicitor. You just have to make sure that the hired solicitor is the best one. You are sure to get the compensation that you truly deserve. Another way of getting the compensation is being informed with the no win no fee accident claim.

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