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Used-Car Auctions: Tips To Help You Select The Right Car And Exporter

Author: Ernest Caziolly  //  Category: Auto News

If you want to have a car but do not want to put a lot of strain on your finances, why not buy a pre-owned one from auto auctions. Although getting cars from auctions is not entirely risk-free, given that there’s a possibility of you getting a lemon, this is not something you can’t avoid. With some research and plenty of sound judgment you can drive home a pre-owned car that’s both easy on the pocket and roadworthy.

The auction process

Vehicles that are auctioned off come from different sources. A number of these cars come with a reserve value which is the minimum amount the one selling it is willing to take. Naturally, the auction house will make sure that the car is sold above this amount so they can get some profit from the process. Car auction listings can be accessed by buyers so they can make an informed choice, at times the auction house may allow preliminary inspection of the cars on site. Just like in other auctions, the vehicle is awarded to the highest bidder.

One of the best sources for second hand cars would be from Japanese car auctions. The preference for vehicles sold at Japan’s car auctions is because these usually have lower odometer readings, are in better condition, and not as superannuated as those auctioned off elsewhere. However, not everyone can take part in Japan’s car auctions as you would need to be a member of that auction group to do so. Most of these dealers have websites where you can select a car and place a proxy bid. At the actual auction date, the dealer’s representative will bid on your behalf up to the limit you have determined. If you win, you are obligated to buy the car.

Evaluating a vehicle at auctions

Auctions may not be right for those who cannot tolerate risks. Auctions are considered risky because you are typically not allowed to take the car for a spin to evaluate its performance and handling. Then again, those who buy at auctions assert that there are other effective ways of evaluating a car’s condition, for instance, by reading the inspection report.

How to choose a dealer

If buying from a Japanese car auction appeals to you, make sure to get a dealer that can communicate in English well. They should also have a clear and simple pricing structure, so there aren’t surprises later on. Ask if they currently hold a JUMVEA membership, because this is a good indication that they are reliable and that they follow the industry’s best practices. Evaluate multiple dealers before committing to one. Do not forget though that fees, while a criterion in selecting which company to work with, is not the only one, nor the most important. Evaluate for promptness and quality of service before committing to one.

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