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Various Options For Cars Used For Carpooling – An Overview

Author: Walter Cazioulls  //  Category: Auto News

During these financially difficult times, it is prudent to buy a high-occupancy or seven passenger vehicles and using them to carpool on the way to work or school. By not driving separate vehicles on the way to your respective destinations, your usual expenditures in terms of petrol and road tolls would be lessened considerably. Also, sharing a ride is a greener alternative as it decreases your carbon footprint. Moreover, you will be actively contributing to decreasing traffic congestion and increasing the availability of parking spaces in the city. Authorities try to encourage carpooling as well by introducing exclusive lanes for high-occupancy vehicles and by reserving parking spaces especially for carpoolers.

There are different types of high-occupancy or seven passenger vehicles you can choose from these days. One would be the SUV, which have four wheel-drive capability, and spacious passenger cabins with three-row seating. The robust design of an SUV also allows it to tow trailers and boats and its higher ground clearance means it can still be used even during heavy snowfall. They also have bigger wheels which allows makes them very useful during months of heavy snow. These days, a lot of car buyers go for cars that aren’t as big but are more fuel efficient, such as minivans and crossover SUVs.

Minivans are called as multi-purpose vehicles in other countries. They are typically 5-7 passenger vehicles and have two to three seat rows. Most minivans have seats which are designed to be removed, or folded to provide cargo room. Unlike SUVs, majority of minivans nowadays are front-wheel drive. Crossover SUVs on the other hand combines features of a sport utility vehicle and that of a station wagon. Unlike their SUV counterparts, these crossovers are designed only for light off-road capability. A lot of consumers can’t tell the difference between a crossover SUV and an SUV.

An article in the Wall Street Journal described crossovers succinctly “they are wagons that look like SUVs but ride like cars.” If you intend to purchase a 7-passenger vehicle and you will be using it to transport your loved ones, checking for safety is of utmost importance. Tests have shown that truck-like SUVs have the highest risk of rollover, which are very deadly. Hence, most experts would recommend getting a minivan instead. You have to read up on a model’s performance in crash simulations, taking note of whether it can adequately guard against side-impact collisions – the type of crash that can greatly endanger your family members who are seated on the second row. Because you are sharing the vehicle with several others, the adequacy of space should also be taken into account.

Space is also something you need to look into. Choose a vehicle that can accommodate your booster seats and your passengers comfortably. Convenience is also a key factor to take into account. Go for vehicles which allow passengers to enter and exit effortlessly, and have seats that you can adjust to fit your different space and function requirements. Another factor to consider is each car’s fuel economy. Read up on a vehicle’s miles per gallon rating and choose one with low gas mileage. A car with a fuel-efficient engine will translate to savings down the road.

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