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Walsall Taxis the In’s and Out’s

Author: Charanjit Singh  //  Category: Auto News

Walsall market is actually positioned near the Bridge,WS11LR. This has been around since 1270. Customers value the marketplace for the value and its personal service the market stalls give. With one hundred plus stalls to chose from all customers are guaranteed a fantastic deal. On busy days the marketplace can produce a great traditional atmosphere. On Friday’s it hosts some of the finest fruit and vegetables market within the midlands the market consists of four areas, Digbeth, Traditional, Park Street and Bradford Street. The market is open seven days per week. Buying and selling hours start at nine am to five pm.

There are many options when it come to food shopping because the town hosts few of the large supermarket chains that are all in very close to the city for example Asda, Tesco and Morrsions.

A few of the finniest Indian cuisine shops that the county has to offer are available a couple of minutes walk from the town center, for example Golden moments, Jevon Jolti, Pleck balti.

The town has a range of leisure and activities such as the Central Library, Histroy Museum, Leather Museum, Local History Centre, New Art Gallery, Gala Baths.

When trying to find or catch minicab be sure that you understand the primary difference between minicabs and private hire cars, minicabs may be flagged straight down in the road, private hire cars need to be pre booked. A general rule is that minicabs charge more than private hire cars. Here’s what minicabs charge in Walsall:

DISTANCE For the first 335 yards 2.50 3.25 For each subsequent 129.545 yards 0.10 0.13 Until meter reads (1st Mile) 3.60 4.68 For each subsequent 117.33 yards 0.10 0.13 Waiting Time (Per Hour) 15.00 Waiting Time (per Minute) 0.25 Soiling Charge 25.00

The metre fitted to the black cab must be used at all times from point of pickup to point of final destination. Black cab ranks in the town and the number that rank there.

Bridge Street Walsall 10 Bradford Street Walsall 8 Walsall Train Station 6

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