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What if your car is like a lemon what are you able to do with regards to this?

Author: Maricris Darbyshire  //  Category: Auto News

A team of Los Angeles auto accident lawyers and a product liability attorney are kept fairly busy when coping with auto product defects and they show no signs in slowing down. In fact since 1966 the Nation's Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) have forced some of the biggest auto producing giants to recall over 390 million vehicles, over 46 million defective tires and sixty million other auto products, and this troubling trend is continuing.

One would think that with the discoveries in technology that we now possess that flawed products should truly be a thing of the past. However the reality is that auto manufacturers are under enormous pressure to supply a vehicle as reasonably as practical and that may mean cutting some corners.

One such product in query is the safety belt. One debatable argument states the auto giants know exactly which manufacturers make the safer seatbelts, but yet they selected to fit into their automobiles safety belts with an imperfect safety previous record. In reality it all reduces down to one thing… And that is cost. It is far less expensive for them to pay out in court actions and out of court settlements for any flawed product related accident, than to switch their whole manufacturing system.

Nevertheless an individual who has been the victim of a car accident with regard to a defective product has definite grounds for recourse, and as a consequence should talk to a seasoned team of Los Angeles auto accident lawyers who are well versed in such laws.

According to the NHTSA a defective auto product is a component that causes any kind of risk as to effect auto safety and for this reason here are what are called ‘strict product liability ‘ laws in effect. This means that regardless of what stage of the supply chain the product was judged damaged, the blame will always lie at the hands of the maker. In this instance the victim doesn’t have to prove liability, they just need to show that the said product was indeed defective and that it probably did cause harm to the individual.

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